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Is Having A PgMP® Certification After Years Of PMP® Worth It?



The topic of the blog is one of the most frequently asked questions by many PgMP aspirants. They wish to know if the PgMP certification is really worth the money and effort, post the project management and PMP® certification.  

And to answer the question, we need to first understand what it is PgMP® and PMP®, and then comment on whether it is worth it to do the PgMP®.

PMP®  is the most popular certification in the project management space. You can read more details PMP Certification details!. It certifies your ability to manage a project. PMP® is the most popular certification among all the certifications currently in the market globally. It is one certification that many employers endorse globally and therefore, the demand for PMP® certification is also very high. 

PgMP® or Program Management is a newer concept – it was, in fact, disputed by many project management bodies such as PMI, Axelos, etc on what is the correct definition of Program Management, as recent as till 2010.

Program Management talks about Benefits Realization and Value so that the outputs from various projects can be realized and aligned to the strategic objectives of the organization. Program Management is very much strategic in nature unlike say Project Management which is more tactical and technical in nature. 

Programs are Learning Based methods where you experiment, iterate and enhance your outcomes to realize Benefits and Value in alignment with the strategic objectives of the organization. Whereas Project Management is a performance based method, where the focus is to achieve a specific objective and deliver outputs as planned. 

Programs have components like projects and Operations. Therefore, the program manager oversees projects and acts as a sponsor for the projects. The program manager gives the necessary direction to the projects and enables the right outcomes for the organization. Program Management requires a more mature business savvy professional to manage programs and accrue the benefits for the organizations. 

PgMP helps to mold the professional to achieve the necessary skill sets and the tools and techniques to manage the programs. Programs are relatively a newer concept in the organization and it helps to leverage the standard best practices to implement programs in the organization. 

The benefits of implementing programs in a structured way are immense. They not only give you tangible benefits such as reduction in cost, quicker value realization but also some intangible benefits such as opportunity cost loss, Higher morale in your teams and ensuring you are sailing in the right direction. 

Program Management (PgMP®) and Project Management (PMP®) require entirely different skillsets and complement each other wonderfully well. I have summarized the different skill sets in the table below:

As you can notice from the above table, a Program Manager requires a different skill set than a Project Manager. The Program Manager exhibits more tacit skills whereas the Project Manager has technical skills relatively to achieve the project objectives. 

The Program Manager is typically from the Senior Management or the Leadership team, who navigates the projects to achieve the strategic objectives for the organization. 

Many who aspire to be in the Leadership or Senior Management positions go through the PgMP Certification course so that they better equip themselves for senior roles and can handle Programs in a much better way. 

So, coming to the point of whether we should do the PgMP or Program Management after years of PMP, the answer is “ It Depends”.  

  1. It does not depend really on whether you are PMP or not. 
  2. Years of PMP does not qualify to go necessarily to handle Programs
  3. The next stop after years of PMP is more probably Program Management, as it helps to elevate your profile and can also use your existing PMP® skills. 
  4. It also depends on what is the current context – where and what you need to do in the future. 

As you can understand, it does not matter whether you are a PMP® for so many years or not. It does depend on what is the current or future profile, and therefore, whether PgMP® makes sense for you.

However, all assumptions remaining more or less standard, Program Management looks like a good destination post years of Project Management or PMP®. It helps you to build on your existing profile and skills, and takes into the strategic nature of business, and helps you to be still connected with the projects. 

On the statistics per se, you can refer to the PMI report on PMI’s- Website (PMI- Job Growth), the project management role is going to grow across geographies. And with the complexity and ambiguity in the current decision making, PgMP® will play a crucial role in bridging the organization strategy to the project objectives. The practical demand for program managers is rising and will be rising in the coming years. 

The pandemic is a case in the point. The pandemic has accelerated the ambiguity and complexity of running a business. Things have become more-faster paced and more uncertain, and with it, many organizations are looking for newer ways to run their businesses. 

Program Management and PgMP as its’ enabler, provide a good solution in this increasingly complex world. It provides the necessary tools and techniques to achieve the organizational goals in the new changing and dynamic landscape of business. We hope that the leadership teams in the organization get the awareness about Program Management, and takes the necessary steps to build this capability in the organization. 

Our experts believe that PgMP® holders will have more practical applications in the future and will be in demand. They will be very few in numbers and will have a cutting edge in the project management community. In other words, the demand for Program Management Professionals or PgMP professionals will be much higher and better in the coming years. Plus, it is a good academic investment or knowledge to know more about Program Management.

In a nutshell, it will be quite worth it if you do Program Management or become PgMP certified, even after years of PMP®. 

For more details on PgMP®, we are sharing some information about the Course.

PgMP Certification Training and Course

In case you require more details, please feel free to drop a note to me or at info@prothoughts.co.in or WhatsApp us at +91-913739091.

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