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How to fill the PgMP Certification exam Application form?


Program Management Professional PgMP® Certification is one of the most advanced senior-level certifications by the Project Management Institute(PMI)®. Program Management is the process of handling various programs at the same time. PgMP Certification helps program managers to evolve themselves into strategic goal managers & to improve their skills to enhance their organizational performance. 

This is one of the certifications by the Project Management Institute(PMI)® which addresses the community of experts who manage Programs who has the required experience, skill, and performance in managing multiple, similar projects, that are aligned with organizational goals.

If you are interested in PgMP Certification Exam, then there is a process to follow for the exam application. This blog will help you understand the exam application process completely.

One must pass 2 evaluations to gain the PgMP Certification. The entire process takes up to 4 weeks to complete.

Evaluation 1 – Panel Review: This evaluation consists of an extensive review wherein a certified panel of program managers will evaluate your professional experience based on the Professional experience notes provided by you on your application.

Evaluation 2 – Multiple-Choice Examination: This evaluation consists of a multiple-choice examination wherein you will be asked to showcase your knowledge & skills in both situational & scenario-based questions.

Now that you are aware of the evaluation steps, let’s go ahead with the PgMP Application Process

Step 1: Verify if you are eligible for the PgMP Certification as per the eligibility criteria by PMI.

Step 2: Create an account at www.pmi.org  

Step 3: Complete the online PgMP application at pmi.org and submit it. You get 90 days to submit the application once you started.

Step 4: Application completeness review (takes approximately 10 Days)

Step 5: Wait until 10 days to receive an application approval e-mail from PMI or an email stating – ”Thank you, your application has been selected for audit. Here is your audit welcome packet.”

Step 6: If your application is selected for an audit, you have 90 days to send your audit material.

Step 7: You can schedule the exam until you submit the payment of credential fees.

Step 8: Log in to www.pmi.org and pay your credential fee which is $800 for PMI members and $1000 for non-PMI members).  For Indian aspirants: PMI Member: ₹46,338.00 & Non-member: ₹77,230.00

Step 9: After you have paid the entire credential fee, a panel review of the application would take approximately after 4 weeks. You will receive an e-mail stating one of the below things

  • Thank you, you have successfully completed PMI’s Panel Review & here is your test code.
  • Sorry, you have failed to pass PMI’s Panel Review process, kindly refer to the PgMP Handbook for our refund policy procedure.

Step 10: Once you get your test code, go to www.prometric.com/PMI to schedule your exam.

Important Note: The day you pass your panel review, you are eligible to take the exam up to 3 times in that 1 year.

Certification Retention Cycle

  • As a part of PMI®s Continuing Certification Requirements program, a PgMP® credential holder will need to earn 60 PDUs per three-year cycle.
  • In order to retain your PgMP Certification, one must renew it every three year
  • You must report 60 PDUs & the renewal fee to complete your renewal process
  • This CCRS retention program is necessary to showcase that you are updated with the Project Management trends & skills.


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