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Important Tips on Passing PMP Certification Exam


Overview of PMP Certification 

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Important tips for passing PMP exam

  • PMP is the most awaited, sought after and reputed and recognized certification in project management across the globe recognizes the experience of the project managers and has them edge over others. This respectful certification to a great extent and always preferred by the employers while hiring.
  • Personally speaking, the PMP certification changed my professional and personal live, made me think more in a disciplined and meticulous way and become a project pro in this noble profession.
  • To appear for the certification, first ensure that you have 4500 hours of experience and minimum 3 years (36 months) of Project Management Experience within the last 8 years and you also need to do a 35 hours PMP exam preparation course from any PMI ATP. 
  • Post taking this course, ensure that you have prepared for 300-350 hours of self-preparation towards PMP exam preparation
  • Examination is all about situational based questions relating to your professional experience in the world of project management. Be ready to get various questions whereby you have to select multiple choice options with multiple answers whereby two options will be very close to each other (one referring to your professional experience and the other referring to PMI terminologies as mentioned in the PMBOK framework)
  • From January 2nd, 2021 examination format of PMP examination has changed now have 50% traditional project management questions and 50% all agile related question or hybrid questions (traditional and agile combined)
    • Modes of appearing for the exam: 
      • Online from convenient of your residence or office (This is proctored)
      • Go to the Pearson VUE centre 
      • Online exam:
        • remember one thing that you are locked in a room whereby no one can enter the room throughout the exam period of 230 mins since this exam will be proctored and also ensure to clear all the materials (papers, pencils and any other articles from the table except your laptop and charger). Your laptop camera must be switched ON whereby the proctor will ask you to view the room
        • The examination is all about 230 minutes and 180 questions with 10 minutes break after every 60 questions 
        • During the first 60 questions if you have skipped any questions you must revisit them before the first break occurs or else they will not be available for you to review after your resume from the break you cannot you cannot go back to earlier questions 
        • The internet bandwidth must be very good not just good so that it is not this continuity in the exam
          • Offline exam: 
            • Depending on the timeslot of the examination, be there at the centre (in case you selected the center based exam option) then reach at least an hour before and ensure that you have had your breakfast in the morning in case of morning exam or light lunch for afternoon slot.
            • Take minimum 2 Government ID proofs which have your photo on it and don’t carry anything else. (In case you have carried a few things like notes, food, calculator, pen and pencil etc, you will be asked to keep them in the locker which will be assigned to you upon reaching there).
            • During the exam the centre will provide you plain A4 size sheets, calculator.
            • Examination primary test you on the knowledge and experience in the world of project management. The questions asked are mostly on the situation will be based questions and carefully carved out by experienced professionals   
    • Various types of questions in the exam in the new pattern from January 2, 2021
      • Multiple choice multiple answers whereby you would have been given 5 or 6 options out of which you might be asked to select 2 or 3 options they may be correct options for wrong options depending on the question.
      • Match the following given a table.
      • True or false.
      • Hot spot questions whereby you will be asked to interact with digital graphics to use their calculations to estimate specific data points. 
      • Fill in the blanks.
      • My personal experience so far from the feedback that I have received from the candidates who have appeared for this new pattern of PMP exam is that the examination is not difficult the types of persons are relatively easier than they were before January 2021
    • During the day of the exam do the following
      • Take proper rest on earlier day
      • Don’t eat heavy the earlier night and ensure that you have 8 hours of sleep
      • Attack the exam; do not let it control you
      • Read the question only once
      • Mark about 30 to 50 questions overall.
      • Read all the choices
      • Be prepared for more than one “right” answer
      • Expect questions you cannot understand!
      • Control your emotions and don’t overthink on each question
      • Follow the preparation plan given below
      • Attempt EVERY Question (Since there is no negative marking)
      • Do NOT spend too much time over each Question
      • Do NOT know, FLAG the Question and go to NEXT (not more than 10-15 in every 60 questions)

Get to know more about the PMP Application procedure here.

Finally trust your own preparation and have that self confidence that you will pass the exam for sure and you will…Wish you all the best

Please contact us if you need any assistance, and we will be happy to provide you with additional information to assist you in making the best decision possible.

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