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PMP Certification Training: Classroom V/s Online – What’s the best way?


We are in 2021 and almost past the Covid era. However, looking back at the past there are a lot of things which have changed for sure. And some of the things might not be applied anymore.

With this context, we are revisiting the age old question – Is Classroom PMP Certification better than Online Instructor Led Training or vice-versa?

We do speak with a lot of participants who take both our Classroom and Online Instructor led (Virtual Classroom) and they come with some interesting insights. We would like to share their insights and put our thoughts as well.

You can visit our recently concluded Webinar on the same topic and on the new ATP material of PMP Training. Kindly visit our YouTube Channel for this video.

The Covid year had only Online Instructor led training as that was the only feasible option available and many found the training very comfortable as well? At the same time, ProThoughts was one of the 1st ones to start the traditional mode of learning, i.e., Classroom for Ahmedabad participants and we got a tremendous response.

What’s a Classroom Mode of Learning?

The classroom mode of learning is the traditional mode of learning PMP course with the Instructor live with the participants. There is a face to face communication physically. And the instructor spends the entire 9-10 hours with the participants, even having lunch and tea / coffee together. There is a strong vibe which is cultivated in the classroom PMP Certification workshops.

What’s the Online Mode of Learning?

The Online mode of learning also has an instructor-led PMP course, although the instructor is remote and a popular conferencing tool such as Zoom or Go to Training tool is used for the PMP Training. The instructor and the participants are face to face, albeit virtually. This works well when convenience and flexibility is required.

ProThoughts also provides e-learning options. However, PMI® has discontinued eLearning option from ATP partners for the PMP Certification course and therefore, currently there are only 2 modes of learning for PMP certification.

Let’s understand each and every mode of learning in detail with their own pluses and minuses.

Table of pluses and minuses of Classroom and Online Training

Project Management is very situational and contextual learning, and is based enhanced by interactive learning. And a lot in the PMP Training depends on the Instructor, Material and Methodology of PMP Training. Many who have taken PMP Certification training from ProThoughts are aware that ProThoughts have in-house instructors with their own superior material (along with PMI® standard material) and Game based methodology makes a unique experience for the participants.

One key element in the PMP certification training is the interaction and engagement that the instructors inculcates and make the training a WOW for the participants. The interaction is the best when you have the physical face to face interactions. The classroom sessions are more vibrant and interactive, and fast paced to assimilate the knowledge of project management.

However, the Online mode of PMP Training has its own pluses as well. It provides the flexibility and convenience to attend it from your own home and is also effective. What the Covid era has taught us and many in how to excel through Online mediums and there were a lot of learnings to enhance the Online Instructor PMP Training.

ProThoughts can proudly say that both the modes of learning are equally effective and it is ProThoughts’ endeavor to deliver the highest value to our customers. Further, the mode of learning also depends on the mindset of the participant as how he is comfortable in which mode of learning. Sometimes, participants want classroom only while some prefer Online mode of PMP Training as per their individual reasons.

Value Pack Training (The Best of Classroom + Online)

ProThoughts always strive to make the customers happy. And we have realized that some customers are still confused or want the best of both the worlds of Classroom + Online.

ProThoughts is happy to introduce the Value Pack PMP Training for our participants at no extra cost*. ProThoughts is present physically almost throughout India and does the Classroom Training in 6 cities in India. For any Online participant who wishes, for example, to cover his difficult topic in classroom, he can avail the classroom session as per the availability of Classroom session. He needs to add his lunch expenses for the same and he can attend the entire day or the time he needs the guidance. Similarly, any classroom participant wants to refresh his concepts and wants to attend a particular topic in the Online mode of PMP training, the participant can attend free of charge. The participant needs to inform the Consultant in charge about attending the extra sessions.
The idea of the Value Pack PMP Training is to give our participants that extra value that they feel completely satisfied with the concepts and study so that they can appear for ProThoughts Mock tests confidently and crack the actual PMP Certification exam.

It is important to note that the ATP material from PMI is mandatory for PMP Certification training and at the same time, the material is well researched and value-adding. ProThoughts gives a lot of supplementary material to give an enhanced experience to the participant, irrespective whether it is Online or Classroom mode of PMP Training.

Being one of the initial few steps in the entire process of PMP certification, the PMP Training serves the following purpose:

    • Imparts knowledge about project management and all that a PMP aspirant needs to know as project manager
      Aligns the thought process of PMP aspirant to start thinking like a project manager
    • Targets to make the PMP aspirant understand the project management concepts and how it needs to be applied in real world
    • Provides initial kick off and motivation to the PMP aspirant to move towards achieving the certification

You are still confused on which mode of learning is useful for you, you can check with our counsellor and he will guide you as per your requirement as well.

You can drop a mail to info@prothoughts.co.in or call the Consultant at + 91-9137309091

For more details, visit www.prothoughts.co.in

*Conditions apply.


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