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PMP Certification Exam – Various Aspects to be aware of!


PMP Certification is considered as one of the toughest certifications globally. But it is no rocket science or PhD. Smart and planned effort (Dos & Don’ts) to crack the exam reduces effort substantially and saves several months’ worth of effort to achieve success. If managed in an efficient way, one can avoid the situation wherein, individuals drop the idea to do PMP saying it’s not my cup of tea.

 There have been several approaches defined by various experts who cleared PMP exam I am one of them. But when looking in detail, what one can find is couple of pointers are common in all the approaches:

  1. There are no short cuts to clear the PMI-PMP exam
  2. Good understanding of the knowledge and concepts in Project Management is a must
  3. Experience is vastly tested in the exam. Hence it is not so easy for a college pass out or fresher to just grasp the knowledge and crack this exam.
  4. For individuals with less or zero experience, PMI-CAPM certification is recommended
  5. Mock tests to evaluate your readiness, really helps and gives you a reality check
  6. Smart & planned effort is needed to crack the PMP exam, as mentioned earlier

My suggestion to all PMP aspirants

  • There is no one way to get PMP certified. You will need to figure out what works the best for you.
  • Based on that, pick a good institute to assist you in clearing the exam.
  • Backbone for the preparation will be study materials and the training program. Make sure both are effective. Feedback online or references certainly helps.
  • If possible, always opt for the programs who assist you post training as well, in your application and self-preparation.

PMP Certification is a journey of few weeks that starts with you thinking to get PMP certified. To know more about PMP certification you can visit our YouTube Channel.

Step by step procedure to achieve success in this journey is as follows

  1. Go to www.pmi.org and do some initial research on PMP. Get some basic understanding on the same.
    2. Ensure you are eligible for PMP. You can check on the PMP Eligibility Calculator here.
    3. Identify few good institutions and connect with them to get detailed information. Try out 2-3 good institutes and see which option suits you the best. Ensure they are Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) with PMI. Several institutions who are not ATPs but conduct PMP Training program with their own materials might be cheap but not effective and may not be authorized by PMI. BEWARE OF FRAUD AND QUALITY.
    4. Enroll with one of the authorized institutes in their training program (Consider the suggestions provided above)
    5. Attend the 35 hours training program.
    6. Once completed, ensure you take PMI Membership and submit application to PMI.
    7. Based on the 35 hours training and support from trainer & institute, do self-study.
    8. Once you feel confident with the subject in couple of weeks, do one round of revision.
    9. Take Mock teststo evaluate your score and see if you are really ready.
    10. Identify your gaps, find a solution and fix those. This will help improve your score in PMP exam.
    11. Once you feel confident and exam scores are also supporting it, pay for the exam fees and take the date for the exam.
    12. Sleep well, a night before the exam. Concentrating non stop for about 4 hours is not so easy without a good night sleep.
    13. Take the final exam on the stipulated date and crack it.


Additional information about the PMP Exam

  • Project management certification exam has 180 Questions to be answered in 230 minutes
    • 2 breaks of 10 minutes each after every 60 Questions is allowed. Break time is not considered in the exam time.
    • Exam Questions are of various types including
              o Multiple Choice
                o Match the following
                o True & False
                o Fill in the blanks
                o Drag n Drop
    • No negative marking in the exam. Hence plan in advance so as to not leave any questions unanswered.
    • You can tag questions for later review. Plan to use this feature available during the exam. Also plan to tag the time-consuming questions to be reviewed and answered later at the end.
    • Exam will be testing your knowledge, experience, analytical (problem solving) skills and patience. All these are required in a successful project manager.
    • Exam can be taken from home with certain restrictions (not recommended) or at Pearson Vue centers in your location. Based on your postal code/ zip code you can locate the nearest center for Project management training on Pearson Vue site.
    • Results will be immediate. Result can be collected soon after the exam at the center. PMP License Number and Certificate soft copy will be available to download at your PMI Login in 24 hours. Physical Certificate will be mailed by PMI in few weeks

Your comments and thoughts are most welcome.

 Schedule a call with our Consultant to know more about the PMP Exam Strategy and guidance. Also Read the Success Stories. of our candidates who cracked pmp exam successfully.

For more tips, call us at + 91-9137309091 or email us at info@prothoughts.co.in

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