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How To Clear PgMP Certification Exam?



PgMP Certification stands for Program Management Certification. This PgMP Certification is one of the elite certifications to pursue in the field of Project Management. Many people are aspiring to attempt the PgMP Certification exam. And the blog will help to elucidate some of the aspirants’ concerns.

Prothoughts delivers one of the finest courses in PgMP Certification and their PgMP course is one of the most sought after. In this PgMP course, they blend the concepts of Program Management with the 4th edition Standard Guide of Program Management from PMI. Further, they provide a state of art Case Study to apply the concepts learned in the PgMP course, in the practical workplace. This gives the students great confidence in the learning material and gives them the much required boost to take the exam. ProThoughts provides 3 Mock Exams in their ProMock Simulator to prepare for the exam and provide an Exam Strategy with Exam Tips and Tricks to crack the exam.

In this blog, we are going to talk about How to clear the PgMP Certification exam

The PgMP exam is relatively easier than the popular PMP® exam, provided you understand the concepts of Program Management. The PMP exam is trickier and more confusing on the various aspects of project management and the various situations that the Project Manager indulges in. However, the Program Manager has limited scope as compared to PMP. For example, the PgMP guide is less than 150 pages whereas the PMP guide of PMBoK 6th Edition is around 600 pages and with Agile addendum in the year 2021, it goes to almost 900 pages.

Therefore, the 1st point is to clearly understand the PgMP or Program Management concepts and connect the dots as per the Program Management Guide of PMI, which is approximately 150 pages. If you happen to rote-learn, which usually happens in a lot of places, you cannot solve the exam questions as the application of knowledge. At Prothoughts, we help to understand the concepts by leveraging our personal experiences and build our own materials, and then connect with the Program Management Standard Guide. This helps to understand the Standard Guide of Program Management pretty effectively and hence, crack the exam with a high score. Check the Customer Review to get more insight.

The exams from PMI test your application of knowledge and also, your mental attitude and aptitude.
The application of knowledge comes from your understanding of your concepts, and that’s where ProThoughts’ PgMP Course Training can be a definite value-add. In the PgMP course, we provide a clear cut Exam Strategy plan on how to study every week and clear the exam in 6 weeks. One of our strategies is “No Over-study”. We know the syllabus, the type of questions that come in the PgMP Certification exam, and what it takes to clear the exam, with the many years of experience behind us. At the same time, we do not know what other websites do – whether they understand the Program Management in the way PMI suggests, whether their PgMP questions are the right ones, and more so if their answer explanations are of the right order. In our experiences, going to different and particularly unreliable places might confuse the student than enlighten the student.

One of the roads to clear the PgMP certification exam is to pass the Audit and Panel review. We think there are the toughest roadblocks – probably tougher than the exam to clear. Why? Many Program Managers are not practicing Program Management in the way the Program Management Standard Guide suggests. Thus, to decode the Program from your work experience and write in the newly learned concepts takes some soul searching. Prothoughts exclusively help to streamline your application and help you pass the Panel review stage. Prothoughts have been instrumental in Counselling so many applications and now many seek help on the applications from our experts.

The other aspect to crack is the mental attitude which is one of the most required for any PMI exam. You should refer to the Customer Speak section of Prothoughts to understand how customers regard this tip as a positive insight to help them clear the PgMP exam. Negative thoughts such as “I will not pass the exam, I will fail, I should go back to Q10” – these thoughts just hurt your brain power and affects you in the exam.

Last but not the least, the PgMP coach will hand-hold you throughout your entire journey which helps not to let you drop your motivation and you are always charged up to clear the exam. For example, ProThoughts provides doubt – clearing sessions at regular intervals for the PgMP aspirants. These are helpful for many and many do appreciate the Support from Prothoughts to clear the PgMP certification exam

Just to summarize on how to clear the PgMP Certification exam:

  • Have a Strategy to clear the PgMP Certification Exam – Planning Works. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.
  • Follow a well -planned week to week plan (based on Experts and people who have cleared the exam). Prothoughts’ Exam Strategy for the PgMP course will help.
  • Understand the Concepts of the PgMP course as most likely, you are alien to the way Program Management should be practiced
  • Follow Superior Materials along with PMI’s Standard Guide for Program Management
  • Have a Reviewer and Counsellor to help identify the Gaps and clear your doubts
    State of art PgMP simulator Mocks to gain the confidence to crack the PgMP Certification exam
  • Free-flowing content and guidance from experts through various channels including the popular Prothoughts’ webinars and other mediums such as Blogs, communities, Live events, etc
  • 1:1 mentoring access with Prothoughts experts

Trust this was useful to get an idea on how to go about with your PgMP certification exam and PgMP course. We will be more than happy to help you with finer aspects. Drop a line to info@prothoughts.co.in and we will be happy to help.

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