"We provide renowned study materials like RMLS (Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions), Michel Thiry, WOW Book, PMBOK etc. We also offer Flash Cards, Mind Maps, and Online Mock tests"


"We stress on learning the concepts rather than rote learning. We do so with our unique game-based methodology to learn the project management course topics while having fun."


"Our Instructors are zealous experts in Project Management. They give their full-time devotion to teaching at ProThoughts and have a key focus on one thing only – getting you certified."


"We guide you in your certification journey with Mock exam analysis, a F2F doubt clearing session, exam simulation support, PMI audit, and Application form filling assistance."


"We guarantee you will clear the certification exams on your first attempt on adhering to the guidelines conveyed by ProThoughts. The best resources and guidance ensure 100% success"


"Grab the exclusive Mega Pass and gain free access to recorded sessions for up to 6 Months and our PDF material of E-learning portal for a year. You will never miss out on a session!"



Ashish Sadekar

Ashish has extensive professional experience and has worked with the top 4 global companies and helped each one of them to incubate their different practices

Ashish Sadekar

Arvind Nahata

20+ years of experience, mentored & trained 2000+ working professionals across industries, also he has conducted 125+ Project Management Workshops across India

Arvind Nahata

Sandeep Shouche

Sandeep Shouche is an expert in the areas of project, program management, Agile methodologies and IT Service Management

Sandeep Shouche

Pritesh Shah

Project Management has many aspirants, many certified project managers, and few experts who know in and out of project management certifications, Pritesh Shah is one of those experts

Pritesh Shah

Souvik Chatterjee

Aspiring Thought Leader & acclaimed trainer/Mentor in Project Management Trained and mentored 100+ associates in Global workforces on waterfall and Agile Project Management

Souvik Chatterjee

Saurabh Parikh

Saurabh has worked on various portfolios, programs and projects across various organizations Saurabh has written few articles in various business journals, contributed to a book about the project management

Saurabh Parikh

Ninad Kulkarni

Ninad has extensive Project and Programme Management experience of over 15+ years managing multiple teams from suppliers, clients etc

Ninad Kulkarni

Dr. Azmathulla Khan

Azmathulla Khan is recognized as the 1st 7th Indian to be a Certified Disciplined Agile Coach

Dr. Azmathulla Khan

Raghavendra Jingade

 Invited by PMI for PMP exam development workshops in Bangalore (2017), Amsterdam (2019) and Virtual (2020)

Raghavendra Jingade


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ProThoughts Blogs

PMP Training in Lucknow - Everything you need to know!

PMP Training in Lucknow - Everything you need to know!

Training institutes offer project Management courses in Lucknow to help individuals become successful project managers

What is a Project Management Framework and How to Choose a Framework?

What is a Project Management Framework and How to Choose a Framework?

A project management framework is a structured approach that helps organizations effectively plan, execute and control projects

PMP Training in Bangalore - Everything you need to know!

PMP Training in Bangalore - Everything you need to know!

PMP training in Bangalore can help you advance your career, increase your earning potential, and improve your project management skills

What Is Project Management?

The term project was coined as early as when the pyramids were built. Every little thing around you is an outcome of a project. The projects earlier, although, were much simpler and straightforward. On the contrary, the situation of today’s time can be best described with the term VUCA, that is, it is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. This makes each project a tedious task and an equally engaging puzzle to solve. In today’s fast paced world, there is an increasing competition to make these projects quicker, error-free, and successful at the same time. How does one do that? Of course, through project management! 

The term project management has been fostering the growth of many innovative new ways to tackle tasks, the roadblocks that occur in them, and making them seamless by streamlining teams. Project management is an ever-growing field. In fact, according to a study by Project Management Institute (PMI), there will be a staggering 25 Million new project management oriented employees needed to meet global talent demand by 2030. To meet this demand there will be a global need for skilled professionals. The situation will also pose a cut-throat competition amongst people because there will be too many projects that will need a good team leader.

So how can organizations make sure that they have hired the right people to lead their projects?

The answer is: Through Project Management Certifications.


Project Management Courses In India

Project management courses come in all levels of expertise. There are some project management courses curated specifically for novice project managers, some for project managers having an intermediate level of experience in the field, and some for highly specialized and expert project managers. Additionally, these project management courses and certifications show employers and the world that you are a project management professional with all the necessary skills to tackle on-the-job challenges. But, to gain these certifications you must first learn the skills and undergo project management education for a specified amount of time as set by the PMI. 

Where can you find your Project Management Guru then? 

That’s right! At ProThoughts. 

What Role Does ProThoughts Play In Project Management?

ProThoughts is India’s best institute for all project management courses and training. Our interface is designed to be a collaborative platform for Aspirants, Practitioners and Experts of Project Management. Moreover, we are the registered Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). ProThoughts is a one-stop-shop for everyone’s project management needs. Our instructors have decades of experience in the project management field and are very keen on sharing their learned insights and experiences with you. Whether you’re an individual learner or a part of the corporate training batch – regardless of your batch, the quality of the project management training at ProThoughts remains top-notch. 

ProThoughts is  already a leader in Project Management Certification Training in India and has started operations globally. We have established offices in the Middle East and Mauritius. ProThoughts started with the journey with Mumbai city to provide PMP training in late 2014 has grown into many project management courses and solutions in the project management or PM spectrum. We have customers from 43 countries of the world and we have a physical presence with classroom training across India, in the Middle East, and Africa.

The ProThoughts Mark In Project Management

ProThoughts is proud to be a knowledge giver to more than 10,000 customers across the world and more than 100 corporates including IIM Ahmedabad, Glenmark, and Tata Group companies among others. Currently, ProThoughts offers 4 modes of training – Classroom, Online Learning, e-Learning, and Corporate Training. ProThoughts further provides resources and accessories and tools to successfully inculcate the knowledge and learnings, and apply them in the real world of project management.

Over the years, ProThoughts Solutions has done transformations for individuals by equipping them with the right knowledge to handle project management challenges and situations. We provide many certifications like the PMP or Project Management Professional, PgMP or Program Management Professional. Further, ProThoughts continues its journey of transformation and is collaborating with organizations to transform them and prepare them for Agility through Disciplined agile courses like DASM, DASSM, DAC, and DAVSC

We don’t stop at that though. ProThoughts also provides the best pre-training and post-training support.

Pre-Training And Post-Training Guidance By ProThoughts

The certifications that we coach you for are highly prestigious and renowned for a reason. They require constant upskilling and revisiting of concepts, to maintain the credential. Thus, PMI has a Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) in place. As certified professionals in project management, you will have to earn PDUs or professional development units for this. But this shouldn’t be a worry for you! At ProThoughts we solve this for you by helping you earn PDUs in a seamless manner. So, you can rest assured that before your certification, all your queries will be addressed. While going through training, our instructors will be available throughout to answer your doubts. Moreover after getting certified, all your worries will be handled by us as well! This is what we mean by our 360-degree pre-training and post-training support. 

At ProThoughts, we ensure that the only thing that should be your focus is your learning. The rest is on us!

Come join the exciting world of ProThoughts and explore Project Management!

Values & Mission That Drive ProThoughts

ProThoughts believes in getting things done. Be it our CEO or our office boy, everyone at ProThoughts has equal diligence towards their work and that’s what shows in the work that we do. Our Founder and CEO with his immense knowledge in project management, and his years of experience in Multi-National Companies efficiently leads us to our mission every single day with his wisdom. Moreover, our individual work is what drives every employee at ProThoughts. Our mission is to map every country in the world. Although our roots are from Mumbai, we have already reached more than 40 countries today. However, our vision doesn’t stop. We work towards spreading project management education and project management courses in every nook of India and the globe. At the same time, it is our vision at ProThoughts to give you the best value, support, guidance and help you succeed in your projects! 

We aim to create a new space, a new category of Project Management where the practitioners, aspirants and experts will collaborate to seek and give inputs. The platform will provide enriching solutions in the form of project management courses to the project management community. Along with Project Management Training, we also provide Project Management Software and Project Advisory Services. Besides this, we provide a plethora of solutions under each category.

Our goal remains to get many passionate project managers on board and create a difference for themselves and the Project Management discipline. As part of this initiative, we have world-class experts already on board and the passion we exude is the difference we create.


ProThoughts was selected as “Top 50 Ideas” by Catapult, powered by Economic Times in April 2016, among 400 entries in India. Also, it was chosen as “Top 50 Start-Up Companies to watch out for” by CIO Review magazine. Furthermore, we are the exclusive distributors of the world-class book: Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep as well as its supporting materials. ProThoughts is the only institute in India to have been chosen for this honor. Our premium materials and our industry expert instructors with more than fifteen years of experience in leading projects, we are sure to help you pass your project management certification on your first try! 

ProThoughts was selected as “Top 10 Institutes in India for Corporate Training” by CEO Insights. Moreover, we are featured in many leading publications such as YourStory, Economic Times, etc. At ProThoughts, we are looking forward to crossing more milestones and making our mark across the globe with our quality project management courses and training.

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