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"We emphasize on Learning the concepts than rote learning and we do so by our uniquely designed methodology where we play games and have fun learning for the 35-hour intensive learning."


"We provide popular materials like RMLS (Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions) , Michel Thiry, etc. Besides the book, we also provide customized books, Flash Cards, Mind Maps, Online Mock tests, Indigenously prepared Hand Out slides which helps prepare & crack the exam"


"We offer assistance pre & post training, such as exam analysis, a F2F concept clearing session with experts, Exam simulation assistance, PMI audit, Application form filling and handhold individuals till they are certified."


"With us, rest assured - you are not only going to crack the exam but pass with flying colors. Check Customer speak & Terms & conditions"


"Our Instructors come with a deep passion and dedication to project management. We do not have people working from Mon to Fri in another job and teaching part-time for us."


"Our expert team personally assists individuals by mentoring and guiding them with future opportunities in career development. Lifetime free access to Project Management resources and content."


Ashish Sadekar

Ashish has extensive professional experience and has worked with the top 4 global companies and helped each one of them to incubate their different practices

Ashish Sadekar

Arvind Nahata

20+ years of experience, mentored & trained 2000+ working professionals across industries, also he has conducted 125+ Project Management Workshops across India

Arvind Nahata

Souvik Chatterjee

Aspiring Thought Leader & acclaimed trainer/Mentor in Project Management

Souvik Chatterjee

Saurabh Parikh

Saurabh has worked on various portfolios, programs and projects across various organizations

Saurabh Parikh

Ninad Kulkarni

Ninad has extensive Project and Programme Management experience of over 15+ years managing multiple teams from suppliers, clients etc

Ninad Kulkarni


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Project Management Certification for Beginners: Tips to Get Started

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Is Having A PgMP® Certification After Years Of PMP® Worth It?

Why ProThoughts for Project Management?

ProThoughts is designed to be a collaborative platform for Aspirants, Practitioners and Experts of Project Management. It is a one-stop-shop for everyone’s project management needs. “Think Project Management, Think ProThoughts” is where we aim for and we are working towards it

ProThoughts, PMI’s registered Premier Authorised Training Partner (ATP), is already a leader in Project Management Certification Training in India, and we have started our operations globally, having established offices in the Middle East and Mauritius. ProThoughts started with the journey with Mumbai city to provide PMP training in late 2014 has grown into many courses and solutions in the project management spectrum and now expanding globally. We have customers from almost every country of the world and do have a physical presence with classroom training across India, and in the Middle East, and Africa

ProThoughts Solutions over the years have done transformations for individuals by equipping them with the right knowledge to handle project management challenges and situations. Further, Prothoughts would continue its journey of transformation and is collaborating with organizations to transform them and prepare them for Agility. The transformations can happen with project management certification, training, knowledge, software tools among other things


ProThoughts is proud to be a knowledge giver to more than 10000 customers across the world and more than 100 corporates including IIM Ahmedabad, Glenmark, Tata Group companies among others. Currently, ProThoughts offers 4 modes of training – Classroom, Online Learning, e-Learning, and Corporate Training. ProThoughts further provides resources and accessories and tools to successfully inculcate the knowledge and learnings, and apply them in the real world of project management. 

We have been featured among the leading institutions active on social media and has followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pin Interest, Instagram, YouTube, Quora to name a few. ProThoughts breathes and talks about Project Management, be it, PMP Certification Training or any other Project Management Certification– you name it and we aim to deliver it successfully. We currently a successful webinar platform where many distinguished speakers have made a mark and delivered to a bigger project management audience

Succeed with your projects is our mantra. Why? Many project managers do not know what do you mean by project success. We have observed that many of the stakeholders are NOT on the same page when it comes to the success of the project. Ever wondered why? How do you define the success of the project? Why 68% of the project fail as advertised by many research papers. ProThoughts have the answers and we help you to succeed in your projects

We aim to create a new space, a new category of Project Management where the practitioners, aspirants and experts will collaborate to seek and give inputs. The platform will provide enriching solutions to the project management community. Along with Project Management Training, we also provide Project Management Software and Project Advisory Services. Besides this, we provide a plethora of solutions under each category

As part of this initiative, we got world-class experts already on board and the passion we exude is the difference we create. Our endeavour remains to get many passionate project managers on board and create a difference for themselves and the Project Management discipline.

ProThoughts was selected as “Top 50 Ideas” by Catapult, powered by Economic Times in April 2016, among 400 entries in India. Also, it was chosen as “Top 50 Start-Up Companies to watch out for” by CIO Review magazine. Rita Mulcahy Corporation, the world’s premier PMP material provider chose ProThoughts as a partner and exclusive distributor in India. It was chosen as “Top 10 Institutes in India for Corporate Training” by CEO Insights. ProThoughts was featured by many leading publications such as YourStory, Economic Times, etc. 

Rita Mulcahy (RMC) Authorized Product

ProThoughts has a long association with the world’s leading PMP Certification and PMP Training material provider – Rita Mulcahy Learning Services Ltd (RMCLS) or (RMC). This not only equips Prothoughts with a superior material but also equips Prothoughts with delivering high value to our participants. ProThoughts is always known to its’ customers for high content and superior delivery. And that’s been our hallmark and we never comprise on our standards. 


ProThoughts’s main differentiator is on Project Management learning through “Game-based Interactive” Methodology – our Gaming Methodology. This stands out the way we do our learning courses, be it onsite or online. Our Customers come from varied industries like IT, Construction, Pharma, Real Estate, Telecom, Financial Services, ITES, Manufacturing – you name it and many have done their Project Management training with us. We also have customers for our Project Management Certification from different nationalities. Our Customers are not limited to individuals on online or onsite PMP training but reputed Corporates who have trusted with our learning mechanisms and delivery.

Project Management Software

Apart from the PMP course, ProThoughts also resells, implements and supports Project Management software, and has customers in India and outside India, in Myanmar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. ProThoughts is an exclusive distributor for Project Insight and Microsoft Projects & Jira tools. For more details, click on Software Solutions

Transformation and Consulting Services

ProThoughts have significant offerings for Corporates. Currently and going forward, Agility will be the mainstay for many organizations and many would wish to do a Transformation exercise to move in the direction of Agility. ProThoughts brings a lot of products to help the Corporates to move into Agility – right from Awareness, Implementation, Coaching and Assessment. ProThoughts is trying to revolutionize the consulting space with its innovative offerings with minimum cost and maximum savings. For more details, check out the Advisory Offerings.

Rich Content in Project Management

Besides, ProThoughts invests its time in creating rich content such as thought articles and webinar videos from experts, informative blogs, free e-learning courseware, free templates of project management, webinars, guest talks, etc. ProThoughts is very excited about this initiative which provides an opportunity for the experts, aspirants and practitioners to come together and voice their opinions and express it and reach out to many professionals in the world. This is generally not possible in their professional environments where there is a set structure and linear progression to do their professional jobs

At ProThoughts, we give these individuals a platform to recognize their skills be it in writing or speaking or training or mentorship or counselling or about anything in the project management space. Some of them have identified that this is their true calling and collaborated with us on a long term basis. Our content is original be it for Project Management training or Project Management Certification. We write our content and create our content for the project management community to consume.

The most important thing is that we love what we do and that is reflected in our products and services, in our Project Management Courses and our value delivered to our customers. The Customer Speak section is a good testimony to the goodwill that we have from many customers. We believe that Project Management if done the right way, gives a critical advantage to the organization. Besides the tangible savings of cost and time, the intangibles are many – customer satisfaction and reduced mental stress and increased camaraderie in the entire team. The benefits of Project Management are huge. It is estimated that every 10% dollar spent is a waste in Project Management. Imagine the cost savings and improvement, if we do the things right and succeed in the projects. Project management is vast and offers many challenges, and with it, many possibilities. 

Come join the exciting world of ProThoughts and explore Project Management!

ProThoughts has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.


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