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Modes Of Learning

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    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis and in a physical classroom.

  • Online Learning

    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis, but through online medium.

  • Corporate Training

    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis and in a physical classroom.

Course Details

PfMP Stands for Portfolio Management Professional.

 A Portfolio manager’s role is essential in ensuring that everyone does the right work in the Organization. Formal portfolio management is the most effective way to implement strategic initiatives because it acts as a bridge between strategy and implementation. It is the application of management activities to a collection of programs, projects and/or operations to achieve strategic business objectives.

As a portfolio manager, you need to manage various aspects such as time, cost, resources, etc by applying portfolio management. Portfolio managers ensure that project failure is less often and waste of money is also less.


ProThoughts receives enquiries for the popular PfMP Certification course from various other geographies and we are proud to offer the PfMP Online Certification. This enables participants to come online from their specific geographies and learn new skills and obtain a new PfMP Certification. The Online training of ProThoughts is as effective as Classroom training because of the “Game based Interactive” methodology where we keep the participants engaged through activities and games.

Who should apply?

If you’re an executive, associate or senior-level practitioner managing a portfolio of projects and programs aligned with organizational strategy and focused on doing the right work, then the PfMP is certainly the right choice for you.

Accomplish and Maintain Your PfMP Certification!!

  • First step of evaluation is panel review 
  • The certification exam has 170 multiple-choice questions with 4 hours time frame
  • To maintain your PfMP certification, you are supposed to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) in portfolio management sector every 3 years.


PMI Member: US $800.00

You can find the entire Portfolio Management Professional Exam Outline

Also, Click here to download the Portfolio Management Professional Handbook

Key Takeway: 

1. PfMP Slide Book
2. PfMP Flash Cards 
3. PfMP Mock Tests 
4. PfMP Exam Application Template Guidance 
5. Games and Activities 
6. Miscellaneous eLearning material 




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"We stress on learning the concepts rather than rote learning. We do so with our unique game-based methodology to learn the project management course topics while having fun."


"We provide renowned study materials like RMLS (Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions), Michel Thiry, WOW Book, PMBOK etc. We also offer Flash Cards, Mind Maps, and Online Mock tests"


"We guide you in your certification journey with Mock exam analysis, a F2F doubt clearing session, exam simulation support, PMI audit, and Application form filling assistance."


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PfMP Batch – October 2020

  • Date : Kindly contact the consultant

Check with our Sr. Consultant for

1. Free Career guidance 
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

Contact: Mr. Jeffry Joly 
Mob: +91-9987888998






  • All applicants must possess a minimum of eight years of professional business experience AND
  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 10,500 hours of portfolio management experience


  • Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 6,000 hours of portfolio management experience

Want to make sure if you are eligible for the PfMP Certification? 

Check with our PfMP Eligibility Calculator



Portfolio Management talks about achieving organizational strategies for the business. This is of utmost importance to any business.

This certification guides you on the scientific tools and techniques and provides you with the good proven practices to manage the portfolio and therefore, achieve the organization strategies.

Please refer the blog for more details.

The following can be a good Audience for Portfolio Management Certification (PfMP) and consider this certification.

  • Senior Executives and Governance boards who make decisions regarding organizational strategy
  • Management or Senior Executives who develop organization strategy or who are in advisory capacity to other Senior Members
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Practitioners and Aspirants and Experts
  • Researchers analyzing Portfolio Management
  • Members of Portfolio, Program or Project Management office
  • Consultants and specialists in Portfolio, Program or Project management & related disciplines
  • Business and technical professionals such as authors, trainers, engines, others who do manage a portfolio of programs, projects and operational activities
  • Entrepreneurs who handle portfolios and steer their companies
  • Operations Managers who have financial, human, supply chain, marketing considerations in a portfolio
  • Portfolio, Program, Project and Operational team members and customers and other related stakeholders
  • Strategy planners and executives in organizations
  • Educators teaching Portfolio management and related subjects
  • Students of Portfolio Management and related fields

Since it is a relatively new certification, many would be unsure whether they can meet the said eligibility criteria. ProThoughts with their Cousnelling experts can provide you guidance whether you can appear for the PfMP exam.

Kindly request you to drop a mail to with your interest or fill the Contact Us enquiry form on the side bar. Our representative will be happy to help!

Given the complexity and novelty of the PfMP course and the fact that very few are privy to this PfMP knowledge, it needs to be Instructor Led. ProThoughts has its own in-house instructors and this course will be a master-class by Mr. Ashish Sadekar, who is a well know figure in project management circles. To cater to the global audience, we have outlined a Instructor led Virtual Class.

The duration of the course will be for 18 hours spread over 3 days with elearning material for participants to prepare for the exam. The elearning material will include a Slide Book, Flash Cards, Mock Tests among other engaging activities / games and material.

You will get 21 PDUs toward your continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® for Project Management Professional (PMP)® and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) ® certifications and Program Management Professional Certifications (PgMP) and Disciplined Agile Certifications.

It is not required to be PMP certified to apply for PfMP certification. Both are independent certifications targeting different roles in the organizations.


The PfMP exam will have 170 questions. And before the exam, your application will be reviewed by a Panel Committee.

Out Of the 170 questions, 20 are considered pretest questions. So, you are scored on 150 questions.

The panel review process begins once the audit is completed (if your application is selected) and the certification payment is received.

A panel of volunteer portfolio managers will assess your professional experience based on your responses to the Portfolio Management Experience Summaries on the PfMP application.

This review panel consists of individuals from around the world who, through an application process, have been identified as subject matter experts in portfolio management and have been trained and calibrated to assess your answers to the Portfolio Management Experience Summaries. To protect against any potential review bias, PMI will ensure that your identity will not be known to the panel reviewers.

The review will verify that you, under very limited supervision, have been responsible for the coordinated management of one or more portfolios that aim to align the investment in projects and programs with organizational strategy.

If you fail the panel review, a certification associate will contact you to discuss your status. It is not possible to continue on to the examination without passing this review.

Once you pass the panel review, you will be eligible to take the examination 

This process takes approximately four weeks to complete.

The PfMP package from ProThoughts includes counselling and reviewing of application form. We understand that filing the application form may be the difficult part of the PfMP certification journey and we are happy include these services as part of our package.


To maintain your PfMP®, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) in portfolio management topics every three years.

The examination fee for PMI members is USD 800 and for non-members is USD 1,000. 

Sure. We will be happy to help.

Please drop a mail to or fill the enquiry form on the side bar and our representative will get in touch with you.


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