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Get into the desired Project Manager position with globally recognized CAPM®️ Certification (Certified Associate in Project Management ). Learn from the PMI’s premier ATP partner with game-based interactive training and launch your Project Management career with exciting roles with our training.

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CAPM® Certification Course Details

The CAPM certification is a globally recognized credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM is one of the most accepted credentials, especially by the student community and those wanting to make a career in the Project Management space.

CAPM targets aspirants and practitioners who need more project management experience. They are either studying or have just started their careers. They are either studying or have just started their careers. The minimum experience for a PMP credential is 3 years and 4500 hours in project management. The CAPM certification does not inhibit such criteria; people consider it the first step in project management.

ProThoughts CAPM® Certification is widely popular and highly recognized among the participants. The course is a comprehensive platform that equips individuals with the knowledge necessary to approach and pass the CAPM® certification exam confidently.

As part of our CAPM Training program, we focus not only on preparing students for the exam but also on demonstrating their understanding and capability of applying project management concepts in real-life projects. We have uniquely designed the CAPM training program, incorporating an interactive, game-based approach that engages participants and effectively prepares them for the CAPM® examination.

This course encompasses all 4 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Its design aims to introduce new novices to fundamental project management principles.

What is CAPM?

“Certified Associate in Project Management” is what the acronym CAPM stands for. 

CAPM is an entry-level certification that validates the terminology, fundamental knowledge, and project management processes defined by the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge, the PMBOK® Guide. It demonstrates that an individual understands project management concepts and can effectively contribute to project teams.

New CAPM Certification Exam Format

The new CAPM certification exam represents an enhanced opportunity to bolster your professional trajectory. By expanding beyond the confines of the PMBOK® Guide, this new exam incorporates a comprehensive range of project management content, encompassing vital aspects such as business analysis and agile principles.

Obtaining This certification is a valuable asset, setting you apart in the competitive job market while amplifying your credibility and effectiveness when working on or collaborating with project teams.

The primary change in the new CAPM exam format involves a shift from knowledge areas to domains and tasks that are typically associated with each domain. The examiners will now categorize the exam into four key areas, providing specific details as follows:

The following table identifies the percentage of questions from each domain appearing on the examination.

The breakdown of domains for the CAPM Exam in 2023 is as follows:


Domain 1: Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts

Task 1- Project life cycles and processes

Task 2- Project Management Planning

Task 3- Understanding of project roles and responsibilities

Domain 2: Predictive, Plan-Based Methodologies

Task 1- How is each approach used, and when

Task 2- How to set up controls to monitor the project

Task 3- How to work with project schedules

Domain 3: Agile Framework/Methodologies

Task 1- Adaptive development approaches 

Task 2- How to plan project iterations 

Task 3- How to document project controls 

Task 4- Explain the components of an adaptive plan

Task 5- how to prepare and execute task management steps

Domain 4: Business Analysis Frameworks

Task 1-Understanding of business analysis roles and responsibilities

Task 2- How to conduct stakeholder communication

Task 3- How to gather and validate requirements

Task 4- Understanding of product roadmaps

Task 5- How project methodologies influence business analysis processes

Task 6- Validate requirements through product delivery

Key Giveaways in the CAPM® Training workshop:

  • Rita Mulcahy CAPM® Exam Prep Book (Latest 4th Edition) – Highly acclaimed book for CAPM®
  • PMBoK® based Slides Book (Copyrighted)
  • Book of Mind Maps (Very effective for revision & recalling the concepts)
  • 100++ Flash card Ready Memorizer
  • Online Mock Tests in a Pro-metric simulated environment
  • Free counselling with Instructor in person (*Accessible via Email, Phone, WhatsApp, F2F by appointment only)
  • Application Support to ensure approval smoothly (To avoid rejections & query)
  • Tips & Tricks to crack the exam
  • Game-Based Interactive Approach in classroom sessions
  • Quizzes with Rapid Fire Rounds
  • Money Back Guarantee if you do not pass in the exam in 30 days (*With certain conditions)
  • 23 Contact Hours Certificate by Project Management Institute (PMI)® accredited R.E.P. (ProThoughts is Global PMI®-REP Id 4032)

Key Takeaways From CAPM® Training workshop:

  • Demonstrate a solid knowledge of Project Management tools, techniques and methods in line with the latest edition of the PMI® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) – Latest 7th Edition.
  • Be well placed to clear the CAPM® Certification exam in the first attempt.
  • Contribute better to his/her responsibilities in Project Management in an organization
    1. Apply the concepts learnt in the class in real-life projects
    2. Understand the good practices, identify the gaps and implement improvements in real life projects.

New CAPM Certification Exam Content

You can take the CAPM certification exam after ensuring that you meet the eligibility conditions. Here are the key details:

Exam Format: The CAPM exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Among the 150 questions, 15 are pretest questions that do not affect the final score. These practice questions are dispersed at random throughout the exam.

Exam Duration: The exam duration is 3 hours. It is a computer-based exam administered at Prometric testing centers. A significant change has been implemented in the CAPM exam, providing a 10-minute break within the examination. This break will occur once you have completed questions 1–75 and reviewed all your answers. It is essential to note that once you review your responses and commence your break, you will not be able to revisit the questions from the previous exam section.

Exam Content: The CAPM exam derives its basis from the PMBOK Guide, the primary reference point for project management practices. Additional study materials, such as practice exams and study guides, can reinforce understanding and identify improvement areas. The exam covers project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management.

Passing Score: PMI does not disclose the passing score for the CAPM exam, as it is determined through a psychometric analysis process. It is recommended to aim for a high score to ensure success.

To prepare for the CAPM exam, participants can utilize various resources, including:

CAPM Certification Handbook: The PMI CAPM Certification Handbook provides detailed information about the certification process, eligibility criteria, and exam policies.

CAPM Exam Content Outline: The CAPM Exam Content Outline constructed by PMI outlines the domains, tasks, and knowledge areas the exam covers, helping participants focus their efforts effectively while studying.

CAPM Study Guides and Books: Several study guides and books are available in the market, providing comprehensive coverage of the CAPM exam syllabus and practice questions. 

With the PMI CAPM Study Reference Guide, you can navigate the many reference materials for the new exam.

CAPM Certification Cost

The CAPM certification’s cost varies depending on your membership status, location, and whether you choose to self-study or participate in a training program. The price for the same differs for PMI membership holders and non-PMI members. Here is a general breakdown of the costs:

For PMI Members: $158

PMI Membership Fee: $109

*You can avail of up to 7% discount on the above pricing. Call us to know more.

CAPM Certification Maintenance & Renewal:

Once you pass the CAPM exam and earn the certification, it is essential to maintain your CAPM credential. Here are the details regarding certification maintenance:

Renewal Cycle: The CAPM certification is valid for three years. To maintain your certification, you must renew it within this period.

Professional Development Units (PDUs): As a CAPM holder, you must earn 15 PDUs every three years. You can obtain PDUs from a variety of professional development activities. These activities include conferences, webinars, training sessions, and giving back to the project management community.

Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program: The PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program provides guidance on earning and reporting PDUs. CAPM holders must adhere to the CCR program and report their PDUs through PMI’s online Continuing Certification Requirements System.

What You Will Learn:

  • Streamline your learning experience with bite-sized modules designed to be completed within 20 minutes, allowing you to focus on specific areas of interest at your own pace.
  • Expand your project management vocabulary to communicate and thrive within your team effectively.
  • Discover how to seamlessly integrate project management standards into your projects, showcasing the interconnectedness of project management processes and concepts.
  • Evaluate your understanding through regular assessment using exam-prep questions available in each module.
  • Get ready for the CAPM exam with a comprehensive three-hour practice exam that has been meticulously developed and verified by experienced PMPs and CAPMs
  • Access a complimentary digital version of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition, aiding you in successfully completing the course.
  • Utilize a handy progress tracking tool provided free of charge to monitor your advancement throughout the course.
  • Additional digital study resources, namely the Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide and Agile Practice Guide, have been included as part of the exam preparation.

Why is ProThoughts the best training institute for CAPM?

ProThoughts is the best training institute for CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) due to its exceptional instructors, comprehensive course content, interactive learning approach, and commitment to participant success. 

Along with experienced instructors providing real-world insights, participants gain a solid foundation in project management principles. The interactive learning approach, incorporating case studies and hands-on exercises, reinforces understanding.

ProThoughts offers flexibility with online and virtual classroom options, catering to diverse learner needs. Their proven track record of success, backed by positive testimonials, showcases their effectiveness. 

Considering these factors, ProThoughts emerges as a top choice for CAPM training, offering a comprehensive, interactive, and practical learning experience to individuals seeking to excel in project management and obtain the CAPM certification.




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"We stress on learning the concepts rather than rote learning. We do so with our unique game-based methodology to learn the project management course topics while having fun."


"Our Instructors are zealous experts in Project Management. They give their full-time devotion to teaching at ProThoughts and have a key focus on one thing only – getting you certified."


"We guide you in your certification journey with Mock exam analysis, a F2F doubt clearing session, exam simulation support, PMI audit, and Application form filling assistance."


"We guarantee you will clear the certification exams on your first attempt on adhering to the guidelines conveyed by ProThoughts. The best resources and guidance ensure 100% success"


"Grab the exclusive Mega Pass and gain free access to recorded sessions for up to 6 Months and our PDF material of E-learning portal for a year. You will never miss out on a session."



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A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
1,500 hours of project experience


23 hours of project management education completed by the time you sit for the exam. Our Project Management Basics online course fulfills this educational prerequisite.




Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification is a globally renowned certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM credentials are recognized across industries, domains, and geographies. The CAPM certification is a vital starting point for anyone pursuing a career as a project manager.

Any individual who wants to make a career in Project Management or looking to enhance their knowledge in Project Management can opt for CAPM certification.

Eligibility Criteria for CAPM: 

Secondary Degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent) 

1500 hours of project experience (about 1 year)


23 hours (23 PDUs) of Education Experience in Project Project Management Training.

Please contact us for further personalized queries.

PMI Membership Fee (Optional)- $109
CAPM Exam Fee- $158
PMI Membership Renewal Fee (annually) $129

Reexamination Fee with PMI Membership $150
Reexamination Fee without PMI Membership $200

PMI membership comes with lots of benefits.
• Exam costs reduce by $75
• PMBOK 7th Edition (downloadable copy as pdf)
• Many other recognized Project Management eBooks (downloadable copy as pdf)
• Access to Mock Exams and other tools & videos
• Tracking your membership, renewing, and updating online, which is much quicker and easier

The following are the offerings:

  • Original CAPM Exam Prep Book - 4th Edition– By Rita Mulcahy
  • Book of Mind Maps (very effective for revision of CAPM syllabus)
  • Box of Flash Cards (very effective for revision of CAPM syllabus)
  • Application Support
  • Mock Exams Online
  • Other Online & Classroom Courses

The CAPM certification is valid for Five years. To maintain your certification, you must renew it within this period. As a CAPM holder, you must earn 15 PDUs every three years. You can obtain PDUs from a variety of professional development activities.

The following are the points to be known before the application process:

  • Check your eligibility before starting the application.
  • The PMI Application process is recommended to be done after taking PMI membership.
  • An application can be initiated, completed, and submitted online
  • Application, once initiated, needs to be submitted within 90 days. After that, the draft application will be removed, and a new application has to be started again.
  • PMI reviews typically and approves the application within 1-2 weeks after submission.
  • The application might get accepted, rejected, or go into Query Mode. PMI will be communicating via email.
  • If the application goes in query, an applicant needs to revise as per suggestions from PMI and resubmit.
  • Based on the query, an applicant might have to send a completed audit form with several documents to the address provided via postal mail.
  • If the Application audited does not meet the required criteria, an application might get rejected, and the fees paid will be refunded back after deducting the processing fee.

PMI allows 3 attempts in 1 calendar year. If the candidate does not clear in a year, 4th attempt can be made only after a wait of 1 year.

The sequence to be followed is: Get a Secondary Degree and Gain work experience (1500 hours of project management experience)


Get 23 PDUs (23 hours of project management education)

  1. Take PMI Membership ($109) – This is optional but recommended
  2. Submit CAPM application to PMI
  3. Once approved, prepare for the exam (self-study)
  4. Take mock exams to evaluate if you are ready for the final CAPM exam.
  5. If not ready identify your gaps and work towards them.
  6. Once ready, pay the exam fees and take the date for the exam.
  7. Go and take the exam and clear it.

The total effort needed to get CAPM certified varies anywhere between 100 to 250 hours. It depends upon the individual. Based on his experience, exposure, grasping ability, commitment, etc. We go with a 3x3 formula. Three hours daily will need 3 months at the most to crack CAPM. But with that said, we had examples where candidates have done it in less than a month and another extreme where candidates have taken about a year.

The CAPM exam will have 150 questions to be answered in 3 hours (180 minutes). PMI, a few years back, announced a certain percentage as a passing criterion. But later on, they changed and made it more challenging to pass CAPM. And while doing so, they stopped announcing the passing measures. Now with our experience, our assumption is that it is somewhere between 70 – 75%. Also, they have started to evaluate based on many other factors too. E.g. Evaluating individual Process Group wise.

So if you consistently score above 75% in our mock exams, you have an excellent chance of clearing the CAPM exam.

Two main reasons that CAPM aspirants opt for ProThoughts are: Experienced Instructors and Comprehensive Study Material.
23 hours of training sessions are driven by Rita Mulcahy's Methodology.
Best trainers in the industry that makes our training sessions very effective.
Provide good value for money with a robust set of resources and support to aid your CAPM preparation.

We have one of the best trainers in the industry, full-time, not freelancers. All our trainers have at least 17 years of industry experience in Project Management. Certainly certified by PMI and have conducted at least 100 classroom and online training combined. You can check their profiles on our website and their feedback on social media on various platforms like Quora, and Facebook.

All the study materials will be couriered to you. Any courier within India will not be charged. Any courier to be done outside of India must be paid extra, as per the actual courier charges. Once enrolled, we will connect with you about the same. It usually takes 2- 7 days for the courier to arrive, based on the address/ location.

Once the 23 hours of a training session is done, one of our experts will be associated with working with you.

  • You will get a sample approved application via email
  • An expert will have a telephone conversation with you explaining you the details
  • Once the draft is created, our experts in-house will review your application as a critic, try to reject your application, and suggest you all the changes to be done.

200 Practice questions can be downloaded. Mock Exams online will have a validity of 90 days and an option to get extended by another 90 days without any extra charge.

There will be 3 Case Studies and more than 15 activities associated with CAPM. They can be downloaded.


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