Advice does not work –we know how to manage the projects as we know the work environments better. Sure you do, and we do not merely advice about the best practices of project management; We SHOW them in the real-life projects so that you can learn and APPLY for all your future projects.

We provide a range of our inbuilt solutions and custom solutions to help you succeed in your projects.

1. Critical Chain Project Management:

• Guaranteed delivered within the project schedule
• Better estimates for your future projects
• Identify the bottlenecks of your project and provide rectifications
• Organization Assessment – Process Reviews
• Organization Assessment – Artefact Reviews

2. Execute a Live Project

• Showcase what we advise
• Implement the best practices
• Use the relevant project templates
• The Complete Project Checklist
• The Complete Project Process Checklist
• Retrospectives to improve in Future

3. Individual 360 Project assessments

• Understand the Knowledge and Skills of Project Manager
• Identify Improvement Areas
• Identify Strong Areas
• Mentor on Periodic Basis

4. Project Processes-Set Up:

• Get the Best Project Practices
• Implement the projects within time, budget and schedule with good quality
• Do it Consistently
• Best Templates
• Project Checklist

5. PMO Incubation Services:

• Structure the role of PMO
• The Complete PMO checklist
• The Best Practices of PMO
• The Complete Process Structuring of PMO
• Best Templates of PMO
• Post Implementation Support
• Metrics for PMO

6. Audit Services:

• Inspect the Processes
• Examine the Project Practices
• Identify the Improvement Areas
• Complete 360 ProThoughts ASSESSTM Audit Report

7. Training Validations:

• Identify the training objectives
• Review Courseware and recommend appropriate changes
• Periodic Assessment and ProThoughts ASSESSTM Reports
• Identify the improvement areas
• Measure the progress and ProThoughts ASSESSTM Reports

8. Mentor Assessments:

• 1:1 Mentor Build program
• Institutionalize the Mentor Process
• Formal Periodic checks and ProThoughts ASSESSTM Reports
• Mentor Improvement and measurement

9. Custom Solutions:

We built Custom Solutions exclusively for you. For example, for Corporate training, we have designed the curriculum and helped with course ware for project management.

So, if you enjoy delivering training and want to grow in this space, please drop a note at

There are various ways to collaborate with us:

Content Creation – Collaborate with us to create award winning Project Management courses

Bloggers – Pen down your thoughts and we will make the world listen to you!

Webinars – Participate as Guest Speakers or In-House Speakers, and spread & share your expertise to a broader audience globally

Counselling – Be a part of an elite group, who can mentor and coach practitioners and aspirants of project management

Trainer – Be a Trainer and unleash your creativity and knowledge with others

What we have in you? (We can perhaps do pictures for each of the following points)
  • Enrich your experience by learning with the best in project management
  • Learn innovative ways to train using our “Game based Interactive Methodology” – Play and Learn Project Management
  • Grow your visibility in Project Management circles
  • Earn PDUs to maintain your certifications
  • Increase your Earning Potential by doing what you like.
  • Promote yourself as a trainer and build an awarding career

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