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Course Details

Project Management trainings impart skills and knowledge to steer projects towards success. It is industry agnostic and applicable across different sectors and industries.

Scheduling a project plays a very important role in every organization.  Due to the Lack of proper scheduling, half of the projects are not completed within a period of time. As a Certified PMI- SP, there is much more to project scheduling than just the use of tools and technology to build a schedule for your team.                 

Projects and teams today are increasingly global and virtual and project schedules are key to managing activities, resources, project outcomes, etc. The PMI-SP® will recognize your knowledge and skill to drive the improved management of project schedules.

If you have advanced knowledge and experience developing, managing and maintaining project schedules and you’d like to showcase your skills, then the PMI-SP is an excellent choice for you.


ProThoughts PMI-SP® Certification is widely popular and highly recognized among the participants.This course is aimed at facilitating complete and comprehensive studies necessary to appear for and clear the PMI-SP® Certification Exam

This course isn’t designed for just the theoretical understanding, but for provoking application oriented understanding of Project Management. 

Objective: The PMI-SP certification acknowledges the individual’s unique expertise on the project team while demonstrating the recognition and value the role provides to the project management profession. In this role, an individual has more competence in the specialized area of developing and maintaining the project schedule than a general practitioner and yet, also maintains a basic level of competence in all areas of project management. Employers can trust certification holders to possess the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute directly to their crucial projects. This global certification also supports individuals in meeting organizational needs; organizations can be confident in hiring capable, experienced practitioners as well as having a means for a career development path.

Also, the organizations that report high benefits-realization have significantly better project outcomes.

Projects and teams today are increasingly global and virtual, and project schedules are key to managing activities, resources, dependencies and ultimately, project outcomes. The PMI-SP® will recognize your knowledge and skill to drive the improved management of project schedules

The PMI Project Management Salary Survey (2018) doesn’t specifically call out PMI-SP as a certification, but it does talk about the average salaries of someone in a project management specialist role. A ‘specialist’ could reasonably be someone with a certification specialty in scheduling and command up to $90k

PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) ®

This course provides you with the skills required to schedule and deliver critical projects on time while helping you prepare for the PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)® certification. The course offers perfect answers to project management’s growing needs, complexity, and diversity and enabling one to fill a specialist’s role in project scheduling.

Target audience for this course:

Program Managers, Project Managers and Dedicated Project Schedulers (SMEs in scheduling who manages the schedules across various projects) who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of schedule development, analysis and management.

Also, if you have advanced knowledge and experience developing, managing and maintaining project schedules and you’d like to showcase your skills, then the PMI-SP is an excellent choice for you.

Course Objectives:

  • Deep understanding of Project schedule development and documentation
  • Implementing policies and procedures
  • Devising scheduling components
  • Scope statements including deadlines and deliverables
  • Organizational breakdown structure (OBS), Work breakdown structure (WBS), and Resource breakdown structure (RBS)
  • Activity Network Diagram (AND), Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB), Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)
  • Performing schedule analysis and audit
  • Identification of alternative project execution processes
  • Performing cost and schedule reserve analysis
  • Schedule performance evaluation against original baselines
  • Communication management, visibility maintenance, and stakeholders relationships management

Note: To maintain the PMI-SP certification, the candidates need to earn 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) after every three years during specialized topic of the Project Scheduling.

Examination Fees

Key Takeaways:

  • The candidate should be able to handle the project in estimated schedule and budget
  • Schedule professionals are high in demand for certain domains and carry a very high weightage because they are supposed to be specialized experts (SMEs) in scheduling, you will learn the skills.
  • You will be able to manage the schedule changes and various ways to maneuver the project timelines based on variance and trend analysis
  • Your critical thinking skills will sharpen, since you will need to think all possibilities on the project changes in this world of dynamically changing requirements.
  • You will learn how to handle multiple projects schedule and juggle with them simultaneously.
  • You will be able to learn various methods and tools and techniques to plan, monitor and control the schedule
  • You will be able to learn the agile scheduling approaches in addition to the traditional ways of managing schedules.




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August (2 Days- Weekend) Online PMI-SP

  • Date : 8th August & 9th August 2020

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Online mode

Online mode



·        Secondary degree such as a high school diploma/ associate degree/ global equivalent

·        Experience of 5,000 hours in Project Scheduling within last 5 years

·        40 hours of Project Scheduling training


·        4-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent)

·        Experience of 3,500 hours in Project Scheduling within last 5 years

·        30 hours of Project Scheduling training



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