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Choosing a Right Institute for PMP® Exam Certification


Over the years, many participants become confused rather than enlightened after talking with many REPs – the partners of PMI®, on why they (REP) are the best to be considered for PMP® training. It is a difficult choice as all seems to be working – some on price or some on knowledge or something else. What are you seeking? PMP® tag or becoming a better project manager. You decide – however, the following things may help you to take a call.

The R.E.P. Focus: Is the R.E.P. primary focus on project management and training, or they are diversified? Or PMP® training is just another one among the many trainings. What we mean is that more they are focused on PMP® training, the more they are passionate on this topic and you will get a much better productive output. 

Material: PMBoK material is a standard material available ubiquitously. The idea is to simplify this material and that’s where the REP or training comes into play. A hallmark of a good R.E.P. is how powerful is the material they are providing which can help you crack the exam. The material preparation is a detailed exercise and a good R.E.P. invests in such preparation activity with the right people. 

Instructor: Firstly, check whether it is an in-house instructor or a freelancer or a working professional. A working professional will relatively have much lesser passion than a full-time in-house instructor. Check out the profile of the instructor – does he / she have industry knowledge or from academia. This is very essential as the exam questions are situational-based and PMBoK is designed to have practical experience. Lastly, do we have one instructor or several instructors – Several Instructors do hurt the flow and participants start comparing among various participants as there is no consistency on the teaching methodology. 

Teaching Methodology: Do they have any standard methodology? Or it just reading slides and memorizing the PMBoK? Do they give case studies with real life examples; play games or any innovative way of understanding concepts. Do they have a project software to help bridge the theory and practice of projects. 

Post Training Support: It is very essential that you are given support till you get your PMP® certified. A true REP will hand hold till your PMP® certification and they are just a call or even a walk away. 

Check us out as we score well on the above points and our PMP® workshop is rated high by our participants for practicability and knowledge, and of course passing the PMP® certification. Our participants have passed with the highest grades in the world – check Feedbacks

Call us for any assistance and we would be glad to offer you more data points to help you take the right decision.

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