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Does Being A PMP® Really Help You In Your Career Prospects?


A billion dollar question – every Project Management Professional(PMP)® aspirant has this big one on his mind before enrolling for the course and taking the shot at the exam. We generally follow a herd mentality – if our peer or competitor is doing it, let’s also do this course. It is another certificate to flash and maybe, it can add value to our career prospects. There is nothing to lose and only to gain in this transaction, isn’t it?

However, there are lots at stake and I would not advise someone to plunge into PMP® just because this is a trend now. I agree that some of the companies have made PMP® as elimination criteria, e.g., if you are not a PMP® certified, you will NOT be promoted to the next level. A PMP® certificate is useless if you are not employed in your projects or you do not like to do project management. If moving up the ladder and project management seems to be the only route, even if you do not like it, think twice!!

There is lot at stake when considering a PMP® course and the main consideration starts with you as a participant.

I would recommend the following things to consider when you decide for a PMP course:

  • Your future or current career path is in managing projects
  • You want to be a better project manager
  • You are not averse to employ new techniques and methods and institutionalize your own way of managing the project.

We happen to talk with lot of aspirants and most of them are looking for PMP® certifications for a job switch or a promotion. PMP® certainly helps in that but I think the employer will ultimately look if the candidate has the PMP® skills to manage the project, isn’t it?

We, at ProThoughts, put our energies and focus to make you a better project manager. Our participants get this feeling and the requisite confidence immediately after our 4 days of intense workshop. If you work in this direction, only your PMP® really means something to you and your employer. And the career prospects, promotions and job switches would be running behind you.

If you do not believe, try it out.

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