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Amplify Your Project Performance With PMP® Certification of ProThoughts.


ProThoughts offers professional Project Management Training in Ahmedabad aligned with industry-recognized standards so that students are more efficient and better equipped for the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment. The dynamic business environment of today may consist of huge profit potential; however, it is important to make calculated decisions after an equal analysis of the risks involved.

The application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques of Project Management has the following advantages:

• Ensures the project meets industry standards:
Standards are issued as guidelines for achieving specific project, programs and portfolio management results. Training in Project Management, ensures no deviations occur during the course of the project and helps maintain standards so that project objectives are achieved. Adapting and altering results so as to stay in line with industry advancements may although be welcome, but the Project Manager, should be able to keep a track of these changes and ensure undeterred progress.

• Enhanced Risk Management:
Risk or uncertainty forms an integral part of business. Project Management also makes individuals more aware of the potential risks, causes for deviations and the required action / option to exercise in case of occurrence.

• Communicating expectations with stakeholders and customers:
Communication is the answer to all problems in the business world. Discussions and opinions or suggestions are important for a business to function; it helps avoid surprises and conflicts. Feedback is an important mechanism, through which a two way channel of communication is established. Project Managers are able to express their concerns with stakeholders and undertake leadership roles through the project progress, while paying equal heed to opinions of those external to the project.

• Improved work environment:
Project management comes with additional intangible benefits. With better decisions, the financial standing of the business will be better. Customers will be happier with the outcome of the projects and the involvement they are offered. It will help boost the morale of the project team and persuade them to work harder and smarter.

Project Managers are an important resource for the firm. Aligning the personality of the manager with the objectives of the firm and the stakeholders and an in depth understanding of industry progression are all the subject matter of project management which is what makes it an inseparable part of today’s organizations.

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