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Learn it from the experts of ProThoughts and the pioneer of Program Management, Michel Thiry. He was one of the pioneers to promote Program Management and introduce the world to Program Management.

The Program Fundamentals book by Michel Thiry has been a bestseller in this category for some time now and a go-to book for many aspirants and practitioners to Program Management. It simplifies the concept of Program Management for many to understand this complex subject. It also illustrates many principles such as Benefits Register, Strategy Alignment and helps to inculcate the same in your programs

This book covers all the domains of Program Management and illustrates with specific examples as well. The book also talks about how to implement and practice Program Management in your organization. This book scores well for beginners as well as experts and takes you deep inthe program management world.

Features of this worldwide best-selling resource include the following:

  • A focus on what you need to know to pass the exam.
  • A straightforward approach to complex materia

About Michel Thiry

Michel Thiry is a regular blogger on LinkedIn, he has a strong and varied international experience in many cultural environments. He has worked as an architect and project manager on several major construction projects before moving into organizational consultancy. He has supported the development and implementation of several strategic programs for large multinational organizations in various fields, including construction, financial, pharmaceutical, IT, telecom, water treatment, transportation (air and rail), local government and others. He is a regular Keynote Speaker for major International events. He has written and lectured widely in International forums, both at the Academic and Practice levels. The 2nd Edition of his best selling book “A Framework for Value Management Practice”, has just been released by the PMI®. His book "Program Management" is number 7 on the Gower bestselling books of 2013. In addition, he has written several book chapters on Value, Program and Portfolio Management in prominent PM books like the Gower “Handbook of project management” 3rd and 4th editions and the “Wiley Guide to Project, Program and Portfolio Management”, published by Wiley. He is also co-author of "Managing Change in Organizations: A Practice Guide" and a "significant contributor" to the PMI "Standard for Program Management" 3rd Edition

Michel has obtained an MSc in Organizational Behaviour with the School of Management and Organizational Behaviour at the University of London and a PhD from Middlesex University on Contextualizing Project Organizations. In 2006 he was elected PMI Fellow for his continued contribution to project management and in 2007 he was nominated Fellow of the Association for Project Management. In 2008, he was awarded a Life Achievement Award by the Canadian Society of Value Analysis

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