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How Gamification will make your Corporate Training interesting?


Corporate Training is of major essence, as they are the cheapest cost to the organization. How? Let me explain. Looking from the organization’s perspectives, if the employees do the things right in the 1st place, imagine how the customers will feel – Absolutely No reviews, iterations – the employees get it right the very 1st time. Compare this by investing employees time in reviewing, audits, inspection, and other activities. This not only creates a longer schedule and increased overheads for the organization but also decreased customer satisfaction. A lot of big companies invest a lot in “getting it right the very 1st time”.  How do you do that? There are a lot of things to get this done. One is of course by experience – you learn from mistakes and eventually you get it right but the cost is still higher as the employee’s salaries have gone up the roof. You can implement processes and standards and thereby ensure you prevent some unwanted errors and get it right the 1st time. One effective way is Training – Training ensures that employees learn and understand and thereby implement the good practices in the organization and minimize the number of errors. It is a proven ROI – in fact, a great ROI for companies. And that’s why many large organizations such as IBM, Accenture, Microsoft, Google invest a lot in training programs.  An added by-product is that the employees feel that they are invested in the organization and makes them an integral part of the organization.

You can go through the 10 Benefits of Corporate Training.

Given the fact that Corporate training is needed, how to make it more interesting?  And that’s an interesting question. There is no point going through the grind in today’s world where time is of utmost importance and the training wastes the employees time. It cannot be more frustrating than that. The training shows generates curiosity and application. The employees should say that “Let’s apply this Critical Path method we learned today in our Project Planning – I think we should do better with this technique”. When the time just flies in the training and no one is checking their WhatsApp or their watch, we know the training was successful.

We, at ProThoughts, make this training interesting by using our own in-house methodology – “Interactive Gaming Methodology”. We Play, Learn and Apply. This technique has given us some fabulous results and a lot of repeat business.

Some of our customer quotes and testimonials which substantiate our claims are given below for reference:

  • Glenmark
  • Deepak Nitride
  • Tata Sky

This unique concept of learning as we are playing is well received and we have even devised a course on the same lines for our corporate friends. Please check our uniquely designed Game-based Course. Without a doubt, there is always scope for customized training.

Many would love to understand what is the Game based Interactive method? And hope it is not just a gimmick to attract users. We are going to provide some interesting snippets of the Gamification that we have used in Corporates so that they can get a feel of this methodology:

Brief about the Target Audience – The target audience for our corporate courses are all executives right from the aspirants, practitioners, and experts of project management. There is always something to take away from our courses as project management is applied across the organization in every form. Essentially every employee can be part of our programs and from any department and even from support functions such as HR, Finance, etc. We had employees across the organization participating in our corporate programs.

Games make it more interesting:

The idea of game-based learning or play as you learn or even learn as you play – however, you wish to call it, came during our initial days of training where the presentation slides became monotonous.

The attention span of a diverse audience is pretty low and participants used to switch off, even if the material was interesting. The instructor had to pull them back into the training session. The engagement levels of the employees were always on the lower side. It was always that the instructor was driving the entire session.

What happens in Game-based Interactive session is that the employees or participants are driving the session. They are completely immersed in the activity of the game, and they are calling the shots on what to do next. They are finding the solutions and the right techniques to get the solution. The instructor is a facilitator; he is mentoring, showing them the direction and confirming the participants’ solutions. This also helps the organization as the employees are hands-on the problem statement and discover the solution, and therefore, has a high chance of reusing the solution in case of a similar problem statement.

Also, since this is a complete shift of the traditional way of learning, the 1st time users or participants are overwhelmed with this new learning technique and their engagement levels and enthusiasm is an all-time high. We have seen a good shift in the body languages of the participants when we start a game and only play games with a modicum of theory.

To summarize the differences between the traditional way of learning and Our Game-based Interactive learning approach

We are also going to reveal some of our games so that our readers do get an idea of the Game-based Interactive methodology and the “Play” we do. We have also included some session photos to enhance our experience of Game-based Interactive workshops.

Some glimpses into our Gamification world:

One of the common games we play for our corporate learning programs is the Process game – Do you know your project management well? Do you know what comes before and after in the various steps of project management?

Do you understand the terms and terminology? What is your awareness level of project management? This game makes you aware of the gaps between good practices and your understanding.

One of the common games we play for our corporate learning programs is the Process game – Do you know your project management well? Do you know what comes before and after in the various steps of project management? Do you understand the terms and terminology? What is your awareness level of project management? This game makes you aware of the gaps between good practices and your understanding.

We have used “Role Plays” pretty effectively in our workshops and training sessions. The role-play sessions are further enhanced by the participants who introduce the nuances from their workplaces. The people who are enacting as well as the audience thoroughly enjoy the role-play sessions.

One of the interesting games is on Schedule Management, which perhaps everyone relates to and is one of the pain points in the organization. We play with a team size of 3 members and make the participants understand the dependencies and how to prepare a working schedule.

Many participants love the “Game on Risk Management”. Risks are often the neglected topic in project management and this game helps to understand the perspective of risks in the project. I am sure that with this game, many participants will start using risk as an integral part of project management.

We keep on developing new games and new interesting experiences for our participants. This enhances the learning and it becomes a joyful experience for all – including the instructor and the participants.

Post Training – Mentor or Refresher Sessions

One of ProThoughts strong differentiators is that we hand-hold our participants until they have achieved the goals. We are not the ones who do not entertain any queries post the training session. We are happy to remain engaged with the corporate and their employees. One of the most important things post the gaming session, is that we keep engaged with the participants through our content and our e-learning platform. Most of the times, the corporate learning & development team and us, keep driving relevant content for the employees. At ProThoughts, we keep delivering refresher courses (sometimes free) for our participants. This helps to refresh the content and start using it in their projects. We also develop content for corporate in our specialized areas.

Our objectives is to use the learning in their projects and thereby benefit self and the organization. The self is benefited as you make yourself a better professional and the organization is benefited as the projects are done in a much better way.

We can provide references for future prospect corporate training to check on how well our Games based Interactive Methodology works for Corporate training.

Happy to get connected. Drop a mail to info@prothoughts.co.in or use any of our social media channels or drop an inquiry from www.prothoughts.co.in

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