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How I prepared my Journey towards PMP Certification?


My PMP Certification Journey below:

My journey started when I realized that I needed to work on my Project Management skills and gain a standardized approach. I realized that a PMP certification will help solve the problem and gain the edge in my organization. I decided to take up the course and started browsing for options; at first, I thought about an online course but since my strength is to listen to my trainer well and that stays in my memory I decided that I need a classroom training program. I found many training providers but ProThoughts looked to be more specialized in Project Management and PMI related certifications, so I chose it. Eventually, I realized that I had made a good decision.

The training started and the trainer shared his experience of becoming PMP certified and that it took him 1 month/30 day to crack it and this set up my target. I now knew that I had to get certified in 30 days and that it was not impossible but the challenges are not limited. I work in an organization which is not a strict follower of PMI Guidelines, and that made things difficult for me as I could not relate to most of the stuff thought during the training sessions but my trainer always helped me understand the logical perspective towards the guidelines which help me build a strong understanding and a foundation towards gaining the confidence.

The training ended on 9th of September and I booked my slot for 9th of October so that I do not lose my path after the training was over, for me, I always need a goal to achieve it. If delayed, I’d have lost interest and most importantly the knowledge I gained in the training, thus leading to my failure.

I read the PMBOK and created my own notes for important items that helped me during my last preparation days. I am good at mathematics so I wanted to capitalize on the same, I practiced the formulas so that I can score full on those questions. I attempted all mock tests shared, started with the 1st one to score 120 and it was not bad but at the time not good either. So I focused all my answers, whether right or wrong so that can validate if my logic or approach for selecting the right answer was accurate or if it was a mere fluke and I needed to work on it further. For my last mock test, which I kept until a day before my PMP exam I scored 140+ and I was happy with it and confident about cracking this.

The exam, in the end, is really something that can get you tensed and holding on to your nerves is the only way to get through. I started my exam by answering each question in sequence and marked the ones I thought were difficult. In my first, attempt I answered 150+ questions but reviewed all my answers as I had enough time.

My approach towards selecting an answer was to first eliminate the obvious wrong options and drill down to the 1 and only 1 correct answer – this was the approach suggested by my trainer and I think it helped me a lot.

In the end, the nervousness was uncontrollable when hitting the submit button, I did and saw the ‘Congratulations on completing your certification’ message. I was not convinced and walked to the printer to check and the Pearson Personnel said ‘Congratulations Sir’. Finally, I was relieved that I had accomplished the goal I set for my self.

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