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Bootcamp vs. Online Training Which Is Best For PMP Certification


Strong professional growth prospects are made possible through PMP certification. In addition to being the most highly regarded certificate available to project managers worldwide, research indicates that it can increase your pay by up to 20%. This PMP certification training will assist you in achieving your goals, whether they involve earning Professional Development Units (PDUs), obtaining your PMP certification, or even enhancing your project management abilities.

Based on the most recent Project Management Institute recommendations, let’s understand the right path towards your PMP Certification and whether to choose Bootcamp or online training for your benefit.


When studying for PMP Course Online certifications, bootcamps and online training can both be incredibly effective learning tools. However, while deciding how to proceed, a person’s choice may come down to three main considerations: time, money, and chosen learning method.

If they’re making the decision on their own, they’re probably trying to fit study time around obligations to their families and jobs rather than seeking help from a group. Which is preferable in this situation, then? Let’s examine them individually to determine which would be most advantageous to an individual.

Let’s understand the Pros and Cons of Bootcamp and online training by keeping each and every perspective in mind.

Studying Convenience


The most common ground rules in standard classroom training bootcamps are no shoes and no formals. You aren’t supposed to wear a suit, but you also can’t show up in your jammies. Although it might not seem like much, there are times when being able to concentrate on the subject at hand might be helped by this. Your mind may act more like you’re working if you feel like you’re working.

On the other hand, online bootcamps have the potential to be far more liberal in this regard. You might be wearing fuzzy slippers while learning how to secure admittance points if you’re attending one from home.

Online PMP Training:

It actually makes no difference at all with Online PMP Certification. You want to dress formally, right? Go ahead. Would you like to study by the pool? You can. If you wish to read a chapter before going to bed? That will definitely work. The important thing to remember is that you are the one who decides how quickly you learn the material, therefore you don’t necessarily want to nod off during a lecture.


Boot Camp:

One important characteristic that unites the classroom and online bootcamps: is the capacity to withdraw from the regular demands of your business and concentrate on the material being taught. In a classroom, you can be in a mode that can really accentuate the material being covered, whereas online learning allows you to adapt the atmosphere to your specific needs.

Online PMP Training

This is a little area of weakness for online training. You don’t necessarily have time allotted to simply learn.  Instead, you must create a plan that enables you to keep the concentration needed to retain the information.

But once you can accomplish that, you get the advantage of being able to change your training schedule as you like and complete your training at your convenience.

Traveling Expenses


It’s crucial to keep in mind that bootcamps have two unique formats: online and offline when it comes to mobility. If you learn best in that kind of setting, which includes a prepared lab, a room dedicated to a particular batch, and a person physically in front of you discussing the concepts, then traditional classroom instruction can be very beneficial. Unfortunately, if the class is only offered at a specific location, this also requires travel to that location, which could add to the cost.

This limitation is typically overcome by online bootcamps, which typically use a very similar structure but in a virtual setting. Although you don’t receive the advantages of a traditional classroom, you still have in-person interactions with the teacher and other students who are asking questions, which makes this a practical substitute for many.

Online PMP training:

Traveling requirements are essentially nonexistent with online training because you can access your class from any location with connectivity. However, you do lose out on having one-on-one, in-person conversations with the instructor, which could be a significant drawback.

Cost of Certification


By their very nature, bootcamps are going to be much more expensive than online training. Of the three possibilities, classroom bootcamps will undoubtedly be the most expensive since they require the most individual resources, including instructors, classrooms, lab computers, transportation, and a host of other costs that are incurred even before the cost of the session itself.

Because they don’t need a physical classroom to conduct their classes, online bootcamps are able to eliminate the majority of these expenses. If choosing a bootcamp, they should ideally be the first option taken into account.

Online PMP Training:

Online PMP Training typically results in the lowest overall cost for the course. You will need a computer system and a web connection, and a couple of the resources, that’s all about it.


Each of these solutions has its own pros and cons, and you will surely want to take everything into account before choosing any training solution when it’s your own money. Find a solution that fits your schedule, spending limit, and learning preferences. If you can connect with a particular trainer for an Online PMP Course, it can greatly increase the training’s effectiveness and shouldn’t be undervalued.

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