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Gamification as a Methodology in Learning


Who does not like games? Some play contact or active sports, some play games in office boardrooms and some on their smartphones. Games do keep people engaged and engrossed in getting more out of a given thing.

For me, hitting a gym is very claustrophobic and a better way of exercise is always outdoor or active sports. Gamification for staying fit actually works a ton better than the usual mundane way of exercising. Similarly, in a learning environment, playing games or gamification as a methodology proves to be a lot more satisfying experience than the usual “preaching” by the expert. It has proven to be more engaging, more connecting and more evolving form of learning.

The idea of “Gamification” came about when I used to drop my little daughter to the playschool some years back. She is a relatively a shy girl and would not easily make friends. However, the playschool had a lot of different activities or games which used to break the monologue and increasingly help to understand a given objective and even make a good bonding among the kids to learn a subject together.

We applied the same methodology for grown-ups and experimented with a lot of different games. The grown-ups in our context are the 5 to 30 years of professional experience, who are both / either practitioners or aspirants or experts in their respective fields. They come to us for Project Management knowledge, which is not “common sense” as people think and all participants acknowledge the “Value” of their learning of investing 4 days at the end of the workshop.

When we add the “Gamification” methodology to help them learn the project management knowledge, the class transforms into a vibrant active class with participants actually exploring a lot of possibilities and learning things exponentially.

For instance, we play a simple game of “Mind the Gap” at the start of the session and instantly participants break their inhibitions and are kind of friends going into their lunch break. Once you achieve the bonding or connection, it becomes a lot easier for the instructor to teach the knowledge in an interactive way.

*Game-based interactive methodology in our Training ( PMP training in Mumbai workshop)

Our “Game-based Interactive” methodology has been appreciated by many and today, we get referrals for the “Gamification” alone despite having other significant highlighters.

The Gamification in learning is going to be more disruptive as the time goes on and more so, for the professionals who want the break from the mundane office work.

For details, please drop a mail to info@prothoughts.co.in.

The views expressed by the author are his own. The “Gamification” methodology of ProThoughts is copyrighted and any copying or plagiarism would be strictly dealt with.

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