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Getting it Right – Preparing for the PMP exam – DO NOT Overstudy.


Many people fail the exam because their preparation was faulty. You can avoid this mistake. 

One of the common asks from our participants we come across is “Give me more” – The more the better. The more Mock tests, the more material, the more exercises, the more activities, the more literature the better. 

However, we do not think so. In fact, the right dose of medicine helps – not more, not less. One sure thing, from our experience is that more studying actually is a waste of time. You tend to get more nervous than confident and actually, many get tense in the exam by overstudying. 

Just to be on record, ProThoughts have trained more than 9000 PMP Certification aspirants so far and we interact on a regular basis with a lot of PMP aspirants, as well as experts and practitioners. ProThoughts not only does PMP Training but also offers a variety of training and certifications in the Project Management space. You can visit www.prothoughts.co.in or www.prothoughtssolutons.com for more details. ProThoughts offer almost PMI certifications including the latest Disciplined Agile certifications. For any PMI® based certification exam, ProThoughts has a good record of passing percentage and you can check some reviews. To summarize, ProThoughts have accumulated the insights to prepare a robust exam strategy to crack the PMP Certification exam. 

How is the PMP Certification exam?

The PMP exam tests your application of knowledge and you can expect a fair amount of questions which can make you unsure how much ever you have studied. It makes even a seasoned Project Management expert a tad uncomfortable.  

As Rita Mulcahy suggests in her book “PMP Exam Prep” (a highly acclaimed book which is recommended for the PMP Exam preparation by millions of candidates across the world) – DO NOT Overstudy. ProThoughts is a proud collaborator and partner with RMCLS (Rita Mulcahy Corporation) – https://rmcls.com/international-distributors/. This statement is backed by their experience of 25 years and with a strong research team taking feedback from a lot of participants who have attempted the exam. 

It is just not possible to be completely comfortable with all the material of the book, it further suggests. Have the right amount of dose, not too much or too little as ProThoughts suggests. 

For example, the mock tests and questions ProThoughts give are more than 1200 quality questions, or equivalent to 7 mock tests. If you happen to use the PMP Exam Prep Book which we offer, you get another 400 quality questions. These mock tests are prepared by our experts and every exam or question is trying to test a certain ability to prepare for the exam. For instance, one mock test will have some questions which test your stamina or concentration, the others will check your alertness or trickiness of the question. Some will try to make you nervous and test your ability to handle pressure besides the usual application of knowledge. ProThoughts also gives an analytical score at the completion of mock tests indicating where are you strong and what are your improvements to seek. They also provide personalized support for any queries on any concepts you may have post your mock test results. You can even visit their premises and have a face to face conversation with one of their experts. In short, they hand-hold you till you get your coveted PMP Certification. Further, Our Mock Tests platform has been refurbished to give an enhanced experience to all participants. 

The other aspect we do talk about our exam strategy is also the mental attitude while giving the exam. And we have feedback from many participants that the focus on mental attitude does help on how to prepare for the exam. This might be the difference between passing and failing. 

In fact, we have collated a lot of Customer Success Stories of PMP Certification and you can refer to the same for more insights and inspiration. 

As Benjamin Franklin suggests “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – if you do not have a strategy to clear the exam, you will not get guaranteed success. ProThoughts’ motto is to help you succeed with your projects – in this case, your PMP Certification, and we have meticulously designed an exam strategy with Tips and Tricks, which the instructor takes you through at the end of the PMP Certification workshop. Further, ProThoughts provides superior material including the Exam Tips and Tricks, along with training recordings, on their learning platform to crack the exam in the 1st attempt,

Also, ProThoughts takes pride with their responsive support for your queries, and expert guidance, even post the training sessions. We do have an excellent repeat customer ratio and that talks highly about the support that we provide to our participants. Our Support Webinars (insert link) on a monthly basis are one of the high points to offer support to our candidates besides the 1:1 support from our expert faculty. 

Having said that, the onus to clear the PMP exam entirely depends on the participant / student and he / she needs to show the initiative to prepare and crack the exam. ProThoughts is more than happy to be the guiding force behind the preparation and help you crack the PMP Certification exam

As an experienced coach, we offer the right medicine / vaccination and maybe everything available in the market is NOT a panacea to crack the PMP certification. We understand that achieving the PMP certification is very critical to you. At the same time, your time is also invaluable. And the right preparation at the right time makes the perfect combination to crack the PMP Certification exam and helps to succeed in your project of PMP Certification. 


To summarize, Do Not Overstudy – Relax – you need to take time off to learn what all you have learned and get it right when you take your exam. 

For more tips and guidance, call us at + 91-9137309091 or email us at info@prothoughts.co.in. You can also schedule a call with our Consultant to know more about the Exam Strategy and Tips.

All the Best for your exam – Do well – you will get your PMP Certification soon!! ☺




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