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ProThoughts Helping You to Increase Your Odds of Success in PMP® Certification in Hyderabad


The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification in Hyderabad has a lot of institutes offering and promising a successful PMP® certificate. But, how would you choose the institute and invest your hard earned money to get the mandatory 35 contact hours to appear for the PMP® certification?

ProThoughts helps you to increase the odds of your success in getting the coveted PMP® certification. Firstly, ProThoughts does not believe in “Memorization” or “rote-learning” and it focusses on “Understanding the Concepts”. This approach helps as the exam asks you “situational questions” and you cannot just rote the content to pass the exam. More importantly, when you earn your PMP® Certification, the employer expects you to behave like a PMP® professional and you cannot do that if you have memorized the concepts. Therefore, the unique differentiation ProThoughts emphasizes is on bridging the gap of theory with practice.

This can be only possible with in-house passionate instructor quality, which ProThoughts is proud of. Our in-house instructors have worked with top global companies and one of the world’s leading practitioners of project management. They have a very good teaching as well as professional experience, which help participants to relate to the project management concepts and examples.

The chances of higher success are possible with a good content and material. ProThoughts provides the Rita Mulcahy 8th Edition Updated material for PMP® Certification, which is acclaimed to be the world’s best material. This helps participants go through the numerous exercises which are a good representative of exam pattern.

Further, our “Game based Interactive Methodology” is uniquely designed to help participants score higher in the exams. ProThoughts bring a fun element in the intensive 35 hour course over 4 days and have introduced innovative games to learn the concepts.

There are of course many other highlights such as showcasing the software tool to help understand how it can be practiced in real world, the real life examples relevant to the concepts, the online mock tests, our flash card ready memorizer , etc. which can help you to crack the PMP® exam. Every aspect, every material is designed to help you with a distinct advantage during your PMP® preparation to increase your chances of cracking the PMP® exam , let alone passing the PMP® exam.

You can visit www.prothoughts.co.in for more details.
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