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The Procrastinator’s Dilemma: Is PMP Certification Worth It?


Is PMP Certification Worth It

PMP® certification is the gold standard certification for Project Management. It is the most pursued global certification in Project Management. Almost every employer is well aware of this certification and considers a PMP-certified professional essential to their organization.

The PMP® certification count is increasing year on year. There are almost 1.5 million active PMP-certified professionals across the world. The USA and India (along with China) have the highest number of PMP-certified people, and the number is only increasing!

Furthermore, PMP® certification has proven to be a great catalyst for securing a job for most organizations. That’s one of the main reasons that PMP® is highly in demand. PMP® not only stands for recognition but also for acquiring higher skills to grow in your career.

ProThoughts is one of the world leaders in providing PMP® certification training and has been doing it for the last 10 years, since 2014. We are proud to have churned out the highest number of PMP® professionals from India.

But still, some professionals hesitate to pursue PMP. These crippling questions stall them from grabbing the opportunity: Is PMP certification worth it? Is it worth the money and time that I invest? Are the benefits that substantial?

Watch Ashish Sadekar Answer Your Question: Is PMP Certification Worth It?

The Most Common Hurdle To PMP 

One of the common problems when it comes to approaching the PMP® certification is procrastination. Some candidates are not ready to commit to a PMP® certification because of the money and time that needs to be invested. The most common question that acts as a silent barrier is: Is PMP certification worth it? With all this dilemma, these candidates end up postponing achieving the certification. From our experience, these candidates lack clarity about the PMP benefits and the ROI it brings.

Also, many people procrastinate on the certification despite the fact they are very much interested. The main concern is the pricing. However, we feel the real reason is the urge (or lack of it) to do the PMP® certification. Or, as we mentioned earlier, they do not understand the possible benefits of acquiring the certification.

What we have observed at Prothoughts, is that these professionals who have procrastinated come back at a later stage to pursue PMP. This is the case almost 90% of the time! Some return after 5 years; We have seen one approach us after 10 years too!!!

Our Take: The Sooner, The Better!

We at Prothoughts, strongly recommend pursuing the PMP® certification at an early stage of your career. You will reap more benefits. The later you do it, the more the opportunity cost is lost.

So, if you have decided to do PMP®, do it now. As wise people say, Prevention is better than Cure. Do not do it when you are pushed to the wall, PMP® certification is a required skill if you are in the space of Project Management. Hence, if you are interested in doing PMP, the best bet is to do it when you first think about it. The earlier you do the better.

We are not suggesting that later you do it will not give any rewards. It will definitely provide the rewards. For example, the oldest participant at Prothoughts was a 32-year-old experienced person from General Motors (self-sponsored and not nominated by the company). So, you get the rewards whenever you do the certification but our recommendation remains that the earlier you do the better for you, from the ROI perspective.

What are the Benefits of Getting PMP-certified?

Since the most common reason for PMP procrastination is concerns about ROI, let’s take a look at the benefits PMP brings:

1. PMP Demonstrates Your Credibility

PMP certification gives you access to a wide range of career opportunities. Employers worldwide recognize PMI for its rigorous standards and commitment to advancing it. Moreover, they recognize that PMP-certified professionals bring a standardized approach, best practices, and a proven track record of success to their projects. As a result, PMP certification carries significant credibility in the eyes of employers. 

2. PMP Polishes Your Skills

PMP Certification teaches you advanced project management skills. It thoroughly covers all the aspects of project management. Moreover, it equips you with the tools, techniques, and practices that are marked as global standards. Thus, PMP enables you to tactically execute projects, deliver value to stakeholders, achieve project goals, and excel in your role!

3. Statistically Proven: PMP Brings Monetary Perks!

According to the Project Management Salary Survey conducted by the PMI, PMP-certified professionals earn 33% higher salaries compared to their non-certified counterparts. Thus, PMP certification provides a competitive edge during salary negotiations. Many organizations offer incentives to employees who obtain PMP Certification, as it demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and development.

4. Better Job Security

Who isn’t afraid of oncoming recessions? But, the PMP certification can provide you with a secure role at your workplace. You are an asset with the knowledge and practices you bring to the enterprise. As the availability of more such certified project managers is still to develop, having a PMP certification gives you an edge over the rest. This job security contributes to a stable career as well!

5. Global Recognition

With the PMP Certification, you will be able to communicate in the global language of project management. Since PMI’s PMP follows standardized procedures, you don’t have to worry about learning new procedures when working in other parts of the world. Therefore, your skills remain in demand and you become a part of an elite community of project management professionals!

Is PMP Certification Worth It?

Our founder (Ashish Sadekar) always says that certifications helped in his career. The certifications not only opened up opportunities for him but also gave him different avenues and perspectives to execute projects with success.

If the benefits don’t answer the question “Is PMP certification worth it?”, then think of the potential drawbacks of NOT pursuing it! When you are procrastinating, think about what you are going to lose. If you are in the field of project management, PMP® is a gold standard and it will help you in the short term as well as in the long run. Procrastinating will only add to your opportunity costs and you may lose opportunities in your career just because you did not have a PMP® certification.

PMP® certification is a one-time certification and it is for a lifetime. The pricing for this certification is only going to rise over the years and not decrease. Although there is a requirement to earn 60 PDUs for certification renewal, you can do so for free or with a nominal charge.

Also, look at the experiences of candidates who got the training, the material, the delivery, the post-training support, and not just the price while choosing the training institute. Check the overall value to make a decision – this decision can be life-changing as it can alter your career.

So, have you made up your mind to get PMP-certified? Schedule a call with us, to book your seat!

If you have any queries or clarifications, our team at ProThoughts will help you to resolve your queries.

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