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Is the PgMP Certification Exam More Difficult To Clear?


Did you know that there are less than 4500 or fewer PgMP Certified professionals wherein?

PMI estimates that there are 16.5 million Project Managers in the world.


PgMP Certification from PMI is one of the most prestigious and highest credential certifications by a Project or a Program Manager. 

PMI says that if you have a proven ability to manage multiple projects with complex activities and are aligned to get results with organizational goals then you are eligible for the PgMP Certification exam. That’s one of the reasons why individuals say why the PgMP Certification Exam is so tough. 

But if you are mentally prepared and plan it accordingly with a proper study calendar, everyone falls into the place. 

There is a common process that needs to be followed by a Program or Project Practitioners.

Below are the procedures which we would suggest, 

Step 1: Check if you are eligible for the PgMP Certification program. 

You can either check on PMI (Project Management website) www.pmi.org or there are certain premier institutes where they provide a quick test – PgMP Eligibility Calculator Test.

Step 2: Get consulted by a Project management veteran or a PgMP Certified professional with the scope and the purpose of PgMP Certification so that you understand the worth or value for the same.

Step 3: Opt for the Certification exam training where the training is mandatory as you would be able to get 21 PDUs to apply for the PgMP Certification

Step 4: Post your Certification Training, give your Mock exams to check your current status. 

Step 5: Schedule a date with PMI for the PgMP Certification Exam

Step 6: Give back to the Program Management community to renew PDUs and maintain your PgMP Certification. 

Some Tips for PgMP Certification preparation, 

(a.)Training Institute or Organization 

  • While choosing a Training institute check if it is PMI registered (Premier ATP suggested). For eg: You need to figure out on PMI’s website if the company institute is registered and has a REP ID. 
  • Also, check with the reviews given for the training in Google and Social Media so that you can make a wise decision. 

(b.) Preparation Material 

  • While choosing a study material I would suggest you refer to Michel Thiry (One of the most popular program Management study material.) 

(c.) Instructor 

  • While choosing a Training institute, the most important check should be the Expert i.e. the instructor’s profile. 
  • Because you are not choosing the training institute but the Instructor whom you are going to learn with. 
  • Check the expert’s credentials, experience and expertise skills before taking a decision. 

(d.) Post Training Support

  • Your support from the training institute doesn’t stop along with the training. But also till you are certified and even after that.
  • Please check if the experts handhold you or the consultant guides you with the PMI application form and other formalities so that everything goes smoothly in terms of the application process. 
  • Mock Exam plays a pivotal role since you need to check with the expert once or more which will boost your confidence and push you to go ahead with your Examination. 

(e.) Support to renew your PgMP Credentials. 

  • As you might be aware that you need to renew your PgMP Certification, you need to check and get guidance from the Experts and consultant in renewing your PgMP Certification periodically.

All the above-mentioned pointers will make you more organized and make an informed decision which will make your life much simpler and easier with reaching high success goals. 

Good luck with your PgMP Exam Preparation

As they say, “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome”

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