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Maximising value of PMP Certification with MS Project Certification



Acquiring PMP certification is Maximising value from PMP certification through its application using MSPs a self-fulfilling experience in itself that equips you with most skills and knowledge required to manage most projects most of the times. It also forces you to do a SWOT analysis to work towards enhancing your strengths and overcome weaknesses. Whilst you will be eager to apply the principles learned to real-life situations as soon as possible, the application would be constrained by organization culture, practices, processes etc and that might put a damp squib on your initial enthusiasm. The knowledge and skills not used soon get rusted and desert you quickly.

Now, getting the organization to change and adapt to the matured Project management culture is a slow process. Even making people realize the value of robust project management practices is a task in itself. This is amply clear from the widespread use of Excel-based Project management prevalent even in some project-based organizations.

Deploying MSP for your own project is a relatively smaller investment you can ask your organization to make and the rewards will be almost instantaneous. It will help you to apply most Project Management concepts you have learned in your PMP course to real project situations. Practical usage of the project management concepts, tools and techniques will reinforce the knowledge, increase your confidence in using the skills and demonstrate the value of the MSP in terms of efficient and effective and accurate project management, improved decision making from insightful reporting and early warning indicators, projects rarely getting out of control, increased projects successfully meeting its objectives etc. This will provide a boost needed for the organization to adopt and institutionalize mature project a management culture and practices, eventually reaping rich dividends via optimising resource utilisation, better initiative selection and improved business value by extending and embedding the practice for Project, portfolio and Program management (PPP), better initiative selection and standardising tracking and reporting across projects

……….And …..

You can be the change agent.

It will not only be a very enriching experience to be a part of such a transformation journey but also would add weight to your CV and help in skyrocketing your career as a Project, Program, Portfolio Manager, PMO.



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