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PMP Certification Cost Ahmedabad: An overall Guide for Beginners


PMP-Certification-Cost-Ahmedabad.The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification enjoys global acclaim for its prestige, encompassing a comprehensive spectrum of project management methodologies. This certification  showcases a professional’s competence and substantial experience in effectively leading projects regardless of the operational mode, be it predictive, agile, or hybrid. As individuals pursuing the PMP certification, the PMP certification cost Ahmedabad is critical. 

People planning to acquire their PMP certification in Ahmedabad consider the expense of taking the PMP exam and attending training. The demand for project managers is at a peak, and so is the competitive compensation that enterprises are offering to qualified candidates. Investing in the PMP certification, while substantial, proves to be a valuable choice for maintaining your relevance in the dynamic project management industry. This blog provides a comprehensive breakdown of PMP certification cost in Ahmedabad.

Now, let’s delve into the details of  PMP certification cost in Ahmedabad-

PMP certification encompasses two primary elements: PMP exam cost and training expenses.  

  1. PMP Certification Costs Ahmedabad: 

Application Fee for PMP certification in Ahmedabad

The PMP exam incurs a fee, which is payable to PMI upon approval of your PMP exam application. The cost of the PMP exam varies depending on whether you are a PMI or a non-member,

Below, you will find a chart detailing the fee applicable in Ahmedabad:

Type of MembershipPMI MembershipStudent MembershipRetiree Membership
Cost of Membership₹9,840₹2,417₹5,020
PMI-MembersNon-PMI Members
PMP Examination Fees₹23,288₹47,150

The first try of the PMP exam costs ₹23,288 for PMI Members and ₹47,150 for Non-members. For this price, you can retake the exam twice within a year if you don’t pass the first time.

The PMI membership currently costs INR 9,840.00 as the initial investment.

It’s essential to note that the prices mentioned above do not include tax. To calculate the final cost, you must add an 18% GST charge on top of these prices. 

In the grand scheme of things, obtaining a PMI membership proves to be a cost-effective choice. Beyond the financial benefits, it also provides an additional perk: the opportunity to download the PMBOK Guide for FREE. It’s advisable to consider obtaining a PMI membership before proceeding to pay the exam fee. Keep in mind that your membership remains valid for one year, during which you should plan and complete your exam. Otherwise, failing to do so could result in additional expenses if you need to renew your membership.

A crucial point to highlight is that without a PMI membership, You might find yourself needing to invest extra money to purchase the PMBOK Guide, which typically costs around INR 7000.

After joining PMI, the savings you’ll experience from completing the PMP test will more than pay for your membership. 

  1. Variable Cost:

  • PMP training fee

A wide range of PMP training courses exists, each coming with its corresponding cost. Different options, such as online, virtual, and traditional classroom formats, are offered by various service providers, with ProThoughts – PMI ATP being one among them. Both Online training and in-classroom training options are available through us at ProThoughts!

If you require contact hours for training, enroll in our PMP certification in the Ahmedabad online course. It offers convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility to complete the program from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of the variables that impact cost::

  • Type of Educational Institution:

The choice of where you pursue your PMP training can significantly impact the overall cost. Different institutions may offer varying price points for their courses, so it’s essential to explore options and select one that aligns with your budget.

  • Training sessions and lectures:

The format and duration of the training session you opt for can also affect costs. Intensive boot camps, extended classroom sessions, or self-paced online courses all come with different price tags. Assess your learning preference and schedule to choose the most suitable option.

  • Instructors conducting the course:

Courses led by experienced and renowned PMP instructors may come at a premium cost, the instructor’s expertise and reputation can influence the pricing of the course. Consider the value their guidance brings to your preparation.

  • Study materials provided:

  Some PMP training programs include comprehensive study material as part of their packages, while others may charge extra for study guides, practice exams, or additional resources. Ensure you understand what’s included in your chosen course and budget for any supplementary material you may require 

  • Additional Resources:

Quizzes and Practice tests.

  • Extra Mock examinations and their assessment:

You have four hours to complete the 200 questions in the PMP exam. To do this, you will need to practice a lot. As a result, you can use mock tests to evaluate your preparation and subscribe to several simulators for additional practice. 

  • PMBOK:

The PMBOK Guide, which stands for “ A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge”, represents substantial and comprehensive resources in the realm of project management. Also, it is widely recognized as the principal reference for PMP exam preparation, the PMBOK Guide is an extensive manual. 

Being a member of PMI grants you the privilege of receiving a complimentary digital version of the PMBOK Guide. Non-members, however, will incur a cost to obtain it. The expenses for PMP certification related to book prices can vary, ranging from INR 8,283 to INR 14,910. 

Choosing an edition of the PMBOK guide is a task. However, the question arises which version is right for you, PMBOK 6 or PMBOK 7? Our detailed blog will cover all you need to know on that front. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the content encompassed in both the 6th and 7th editions of the PMBOK guide to decide for themselves.

PMP Certification cost Ahmedabad: Additional expenses

While obtaining your PMP certification it is important to be mindful of linked additional expenses. Aside from the obligatory PMP training fee, there are a handful of other expenditures to factor in while gearing up for certification. Certainly, the PMP course training successfully demands dedicated resources. The initial financial commitment is substantial, and there are supplementary costs that warrant consideration.

  • The Price for Alternative Resources

Enhance your efficiency and reduce the effort required for your PMP exam preparation through the utilization of these additional resources. Notable examples of the study aid are Rita Mulcahy’s preparation materials and the PMBOK guide. Moreover, additional valuable resources offered by ProThoughts encompass study notes, flashcards, factual/false statements, mind maps, and many more. For practice questions, the PMP certification cost in Ahmedabad can vary, spanning from INR 4,141.70 to INR 12,425.11. 

  • Renewal cost and Re-examination cost

To keep it current, the PMP certification needs to be renewed every three years. However, there are 2 formal ways to renew the certificate, which include earning 60 PDUs within 3 years and paying the PMP Renewal cost. The Renewal cost is INR 3,475 for PMI members and INR 11,585 for non-members.

PMI-MembersNon-PMI Members
PMP Examination Fees ₹23,288 ₹47,150
PMP Re-examination Fees ₹15,929 ₹28,961
PMP Certification Renewal ₹3,475 ₹11,585

Re-examination cost: The PMP exam retake process varies between PMI members  (₹15,929) and non-members (₹28,961). It’s important to note that an additional 18% GST will apply to these prices. Certainly, it’s worth highlighting that the ProThoughts PMP training course boasts an impressive 99% success rate in helping individuals pass the exam on their initial try. 

What are the Benefits of PMP Certification?

PMP certification offers a multitude of advantages for individuals aiming to forge careers in project management or to showcase their dedication to the field. Equally, these credentials serve as a valuable tool for employers to spot candidates equipped with the essential skills for excelling in project management roles. Below, we outline some well-known benefits awaiting those who secure their PMP certification:

The following are the compelling reasons to choose PMP Certification:

  1. Global Recognition: PMP certification boasts worldwide acknowledgment and esteem. It supports your career prospects regardless of your geographical location.
  2. Elevate Project management: The knowledge and competencies you get through PMP certification contribute to your growth as a superior project manager. Also, this can lead to enhanced project outcomes and heightened job contentment. 
  3. Enhanced Remuneration: PMP-certified project managers command higher remuneration compared to their non-certified fellows. The median salary for PMP holders surpasses that of non-certified project managers by 18% in India.
  4. Skill Enhancement: The pursuit of PMP certification compels you to refine your project management abilities. The certification exam also introduces novel concepts and methodologies that can be applied to your daily work routines.
  5. Enrich Professional network: As a certified PMP professional, you gain access to a network of fellow certified peers. Certainly, this network serves as a valuable resource for networking and advancing your professional growth. 


The PMP certification holds a prestigious position in the realm of project management. Unlike numerous other certifications that cater to specific industries or regions, a project manager possessing PMP certification is highly desired by employers across diverse sectors.

ProThoughts provides an extensive array of valuable resources that are entirely complimentary to assist you every step of the way on your PMP certification journey. However, discover our ProMock Free PMP Exam Simulator, a tool that offers a lifelike simulation of a real exam, enabling you to evaluate your readiness with current and relevant questions.   

Although the expense of pursuing PMP might be considerable, it stands in comparison to the salary benefits that come with becoming PMP certified! So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your PMP certification Ahmedabad prep right away!

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