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PMP Certification Fees in India


PMP Certification Fees in India PMP is an incredibly desirable qualification for project managers worldwide today. Furthermore, PMP certification provided by the PMI, is essential for numerous job opportunities worldwide. The PMI Institute has positively impacted the careers of over three million people worldwide through its impressive credentials, criteria, and valuable offerings. 

What does the word PMP define?

PMP, or the Project Management Professional Certification, is a prestigious professional qualification for project managers worldwide. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the opportunity to become certified as a PMP, which is an outstanding achievement!

The PMP certification is evidence of an individual’s verified experience, educational qualifications, skills, and competency to lead and execute projects successfully. This certification is one of the most prestigious credentials awarded by the Project Management Institute.

Once you get the PMP certification, you can maintain your PMP certification through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) process.

What are the benefits of getting a PMP Certification?

The PMI-issued PMP certification celebrates and recognizes your exceptional PMP skills and abilities! It showcases your grasp of the latest principles, procedures, and practices. PMP credential holders in 40 countries can earn around 16% more than their non-certified PMP Professionals. 

What is the structure for the PMP Certification Fees in India?

Here is a table for a better understanding of the structure of the PMP Certification Fees in India.

There are different types of PMP memberships provided by PMI. They are given as follows:

Type of Membership PMI Membership Student Membership Retiree Membership
Cost of Membership ₹7,646 ₹2,417 ₹5,020


The rates for PMI and non-PMI members differ for various things such as the ones listed below:


PMI-Members Non-PMI Members
PMP Examination Fees ₹23,459 ₹42,863
PMP Re-examination Fees ₹15,929 ₹28,961
PMP Certification Renewal ₹3,475 ₹11,585


We highly recommend subscribing to PMI membership to make paying for the PMP course price more convenient.

What are the other PMP Certification cost?

The PMP examination costs ₹23,459 for PMI members and ₹42,863 for non-members. Furthermore, many firms generously offer their employees the opportunity to acquire this professional certification and enjoy its educational benefits.

PMP certification in India is available at a discounted price of ₹23,459 for PMI members and ₹42,863 for non-members. The PMP test application fee in India is a reasonable ₹9,963.

The PMP Certification Fees in India to earn 60 PDUs can range from $300 to $5,000, offering various options for individuals.

PMP Certification Fees in India for Renewal of the Certification

If you haven’t cleared it yet, you may need some clarification about India’s PMP certification renewal fee. Once PMI verifies that a candidate has successfully fulfilled the PDU requirements, they will receive an encouraging electronic reminder to submit for PMP fee renewal.

Upon receiving the notification, the PMI kindly requests that the renewal PMP Certification Fees in India be conveniently paid through the online certification system.

What is the PMP certification renewal fee in India?

The benefits of the PMP Membership renewal fee through PMI is an investment in your continued success!

  • PMI member – only ₹3,475
  • Non-PMI member – only ₹11,585

It’s important to note that the PMI membership renewal charge differs from India’s PMP certification renewal fee. However, this distinction allows for more flexibility and options when maintaining your membership and certification. Once the PDU requirements are completed, candidates can efficiently complete the renewal procedure at any time within their cycle. They must submit payment within 90 days of the cycle end date.

Once the application is processed and the PMP certification renewal fee is received, PMI will happily provide the candidate with a certificate showcasing their new active certification/CCR cycle dates. The estimated time for mail delivery of the documents is six to eight weeks, but it could be faster!

PMP-certification holders can demonstrate their commitment to excellence by agreeing to abide by the terms of service, which includes upholding audit standards. Thus, the applicant can recertify by successfully meeting all audit requirements if a certification audit is required.

  1. The process is full of potential and opportunities for growth and success.

The PMI will select a diverse group of PMI-certified professionals for the auditing procedure. During this time, candidates can showcase their hard work and dedication by providing documentation to verify their PDUs.

Thus, a candidate can preserve all PDU-related documentation for at least 18 months beyond the conclusion of the CCR cycle.

    2. The exciting opportunity for new Certificates

Candidates have the freedom to choose when to revoke their certification.

Upon receipt of the application form, PMI will happily reimburse one-third of the PMP certification renewal fee for each full year of the candidate’s renewed certification/CCR cycle that has yet to be utilized following the date of the written cancellation request.

Contact Customer Care if any extenuating circumstances may hinder a candidate from completing the certification renewal process. They will be more than happy to assist you! PMI will carefully consider each claim individually before determining the best way to resolve it.

Let’s explore the exciting benefits of the PMP certification now that we’ve discussed the PMP certification costs and the renewal cost.

  • PMP Certification Exam Fees in India are affordable and provide excellent value for your investment in your professional development.
  • PMI members enjoy a discounted rate of ₹33,532 for the PMP certification exam fees in India, an excellent opportunity to save money. Non-members can also take advantage of this valuable certification by paying ₹45,951.
  • The price of PMP training in Chennai offers a wide range of options, allowing you to find the perfect instructor and materials that suit your needs and budget. Fortunately, the typical cost of PMP training in Chennai ranges from INR ₹15,000 to ₹30,000. Moreover, the PMP certification fee in India at ProThoughts in Chennai is only ₹ 11,999, which is remarkably affordable compared to other courses.

Study resources are abundant and readily available, offering helpful materials such as textbooks, practice tests, and sample exams. Depending on the vendor, the study materials for PMP Certification Fees in India can be as low as ₹5,000 and as high as ₹10,000.

PMP Certification Course Fees in Chennai

PMP Certification course Fees in Chennai have a wide range, typically between ₹ 30,000 and ₹ 80,000 on average. The final cost depends on factors such as membership type, training provider, study materials, and other considerations. However, this range provides flexibility and options for individuals seeking PMP certification in Chennai.

PMP Certification Fees in India in Chennai are affordable and offer great value for your investment.

The price of earning your PMP certification in Chennai can vary, but it offers flexibility and options for different budgets. This includes your membership, the exam price, the training and study materials for PMP certification in Chennai, and more! 

The estimation for PMP Certification Fees in India in Chennai is that as an individual, you can become a PMP Certification member in Chennai. To join, you must pay a membership fee of ₹7,646.00 and a one-time application charge of ₹772 per year. However, registered users can enjoy it for free!

PMP Certification Course Fees in Mumbai

The PMP Certification Fees in Mumbai are affordable and worth the investment for your professional growth.

The PMI has established PMP Certification Fees in India that are consistent and fair globally. However, pricing can vary in a positive way by country. The investment in earning certification includes exam fees, training fees, study materials, and the mock test simulator, all valuable resources that will contribute to your success.

The PMP Certification Mumbai fees are only ₹42,863 for non-members and an even more affordable ₹23,459 for PMI members! So, members of PMP certification in Mumbai are offered the opportunity to access valuable resources and support at the abovementioned fees.

PMP Certification Fees in Bangalore

PMP Certification course Fees in Bangalore are affordable and offer great value for your investment.

Applicants who obtained their PMP in Bangalore are generously given three opportunities to pass the test within a calendar year. So, you can get the training needed to ace the PMP exam through this PMP Certification in Bangalore!

Hence. after successfully passing the PMP exam, your certification will be ready in four to six weeks in Bangalore! As a result, participants in the PMP certification in Bangalore express great confidence in their preparedness for the certification exam. Once certified, ProThoughts PMP program graduates in Bangalore will have abundant job opportunities and significantly increased market worth.

PMP Certification Fees in Pune 

PMP Certification Fees in India in Pune are affordable and offer great value for your investment.

The field of Project Manager as an occupation is experiencing rapid growth in many areas. By 2027, there will be an incredible opportunity for 88 million people to develop and showcase their skills in project management due to the rapidly growing demand for project managers. The research discovered that PMP certification members in Pune can earn 20% more than their non-certified peers.

With Project Management Professional People of PMP certification in Pune will enjoy exciting employment opportunities with large organizations. Thus, ProThoughts is an exceptional institution for educational services in Pune. Thus, you can confidently rely on us for assistance at every stage of the PMP certification process you need. You will receive reliable aid every step of the way as you complete forms and PMP exam preparation.

Is there a return policy for PMP Certification Fees in India?

You can request a refund of the PMP certification fee if you have already paid it in full and would like a refund. To ensure a smooth refund process, submit your refund request to the Project Management Institute at least 30 days before the exam eligibility date ends. If you still need to schedule or take the exam, PMI will only deduct about ₹8000 as a processing charge. Once the reimbursement is finalized, the application will be closed, and the eligibility window will no longer be in effect, which is excellent news!


If you are eager to obtain a PMP certification, you can pass the PMP exam after completing the PMP certification process. Passing the PMP exam is possible when you understand what PMP is and thoroughly go through the PMBOK guide, which contains all the valuable lessons and answers to help you score well in the examination!

Once you clear the PMP exam, you will have the opportunity to explore many new possibilities. So, you can look forward to experiencing a significant increase in your salary and gaining valuable experience in various roles as a Project Manager. Additionally, you will have access to numerous other benefits of being a PMP-certified professional!

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