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Overview of How To Obtain PMP Certification Online Training!


PMP Certification Online Training

There is a high demand for skilled resources that can satisfy the demands of international projects due to the growing complexity and need for industrial requirements and obstacles. In this regard, PMP certification from PMI is deliberately crafted taking into account numerous standards and research, and equips you to handle difficulties in the workplace.

Have you decided to obtain a PMP Certification Online Training? It’s a wonderful move for your career. Though challenging and time-consuming, the process is worthwhile. So, join the network of project managers around the world to give yourself an advantage over rivals in the industry. Explore the step-by-step instruction manual from a recognized service provider ProThoughts on how to become a PMP-Certified professional.

Overview of PMP Certification

The PMP certification is widely recognized to be the pace-setter of standards in project management since it identifies a person’s competence and mastery level over the said profession. It shows a deep knowledge of project management methodologies, processes, and practices widespread in the PMBOK Guide. Employers certainly benefit from hiring or promoting workers with PMP certification since they can be assured of having instructors and project managers who can lead projects very effectively.

Additionally, PMP certification improves career opportunities, reputation, and salary rates for pros in many industries including project management skills. Furthermore, it supports the concept of life-long learning and professional growth which makes recertified individuals always up to date with current trends in project management techniques. All in all, PMP certification is an indicator of evidence concerning the right attitude to professional perfection and proficiency in project management. As a result, even now it remains one of the most demanded certificates due to the world job market.

How to Become a PMP-Certified Professional

1. Criteria for PMP Certification

You must verify your education and project management experience to be applicable for the exam. The following are the criteria listed below:

  • 35 hours of project management coursework, or training that was largely concerned with project management instructional objectives. This qualification may replace the need for PMP certification.
  • For those with a 4-year degree, you need to have thirty months of experience in project management; others who hold high school certificates or associate degrees must be able to manage projects for sixty calendar months.

2. PMP Exam Fees

The exam fee is nearly ₹23,288 for PMI members and ₹47,150 for non-members. Additionally, with a PMI membership, the exam was marginally less expensive because there was an application charge and a membership cost of ₹9,840 per year.

3. Sign up as a PMI Member

You will receive many advantages by becoming a PMP member. In addition, your savings will be greater than the membership fees, which is the main advantage. Moreover,  you will receive a discount on both the PMP test and the PMBOK handbook in PDF format. As a PMI member, you can, however, stay current with PMP preparation workshops.

Also, you will get the chance to connect with experts all over the world and build a new network.
Your chances of passing the exam the first time increase.

4. Getting prepared for the PMP Exam

Planning and perseverance are required to study for the exam; exam guides normally advise at least a few months of preparation. You can study with some courses, notes, and other resources. ProThoughts provides you with the best study material, including Rita Mulcahy, Mike Griffiths,  Michel Thiry, etc.

Resources and Online PMP Course for PMP Test Preparation

You have a choice of preparation methods for the PMP test. According to a poll by PMP Exam Lessons Learned, successful test takers committed two to six months to prepare. Additionally, according to the PMI, the typical successful PMP applicant studies for the exam for at least 35 hours.

PMP Course Online – There are various PMP exam preparation courses available to aid in certification. Moreover, the PMI and other for-profit organizations provide preparation classes, as do numerous community colleges worldwide, whether online or offline. Also, you can complete the 35-hour educational requirement and get ready for the PMP exam with ProThought’s Project Management Professional Certificate.

Benefits of PMP Certification Online Training

The following is an explanation of the benefits of PMP Certification Online training:

1. Advantages of opting for online training over traditional classroom settings

Internet learning relieves people from commuting into a classroom and allows online training, anywhere, anytime. This gives learners access to course materials and virtual lectures from their comfort zones; at home or office. Moreover, with the availability of online media and resources like videos interactive quizzes or forums such platforms bring a pleasant learning experience. In addition, students can interact with the course materials at their own pace as they allow them to revisit hard concepts or skip ahead if is comfortable.

2. Flexibility in scheduling and pacing of study

Online training is convenient for learners since it fits into their busy schedules; the learners can study at a place and time of their choosing. People with full-time work, family commitments, or other obligations can fit their study leaves around those ensuing activities. Moreover, learners are enabled to navigate through the course resources at an appropriate pace according to their mode of learning; some fast-track modules while others digest slowly.

3. Accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection

Physical border structures and geographical barriers stand by the roadside, hindering education because online training has overcome them; people across the globe can enjoy quality learning. Students from areas remote or underdeveloped can attain courses offered and not available by local institutions. Thus, owing to the vast accessibility of internet connections, learners can download course content on different gadgets such as tablets and smartphones among others.

4. Cost-effectiveness compared to in-person training options

Online training is likely to cost less than face-to-face instruction since it lacks the expenses that include travel, accommodation, and venue hire. The majority of online courses provide different methods of payment, where learners may pay for a course in installments or apply to various financial programs
People can also save money since they will not be spending numerous dines out or buying textbooks as most online courses give their material for free.

In general, web-based training provides an extremely efficient means of gaining new knowledge and learning techniques to individuals through its convenience flexibility affordability factor making it a popular choice for practicing education development.


A significant milestone in the career of project management is PMP certification training online from a reliable institution. When deciding on an institution to enroll in, you deliver yourself the best instruction and preparation for passing the PMP exam only with a well-recognized one. As compared to other providers of PMP training, ProThoughts provides the most resources, help, and guaranteed practice tests for exams. With resilience and proper training, one can get the PMP certification that opens doors to opportunities in project management.

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