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Project Management Courses In Bangalore – 5 Reasons Why PMP Is The Best


project management courses in Bangalore

The project management field has been seeing consistent growth in the past few years. According to PMI’s Talent Gap report, there would be a staggering 2.3 million project management-associated roles annually through 2030. How does one figure the benchmark for proficiency? Through a standard framework set for the field with room for tweaking to fit projects of different verticals and calibers. And which project management courses in Bangalore have the capacity to do exactly that? You’re right, the PMP Certification!

The PMP stands out as a leading certification program for two reasons among a plethora of available project management courses in Bangalore. Number one is set by a globally recognized central body known as the Project Management Institute. Number two, this certification does not target a specific industry, unlike most other project management courses. Hence, it caters to all project managers regardless of the verticals they prefer to work in. These reasons make the PMP certification more favorable because it gives project managers transferable skills and is endorsed by a centralized institution. Let’s dive into the details of what exactly is the PMP Certification.

What Is PMP Certification?

PMP Certification is the leading program amongst project management courses in Bangalore. The Project Management Institute (PMI) created PMP Certification to recognize project managers who have proven they have the skills to manage projects successfully. These projects’ complexity and the root industry may vary, but the PMP certification endorses the certified personnel’s ability to tackle it seamlessly. You can find PMP-certified individuals leading projects in various top organizations across the globe.

PMP certification validates that you are highly skilled in people, processes, and Business environments. The People aspect deals with leading and motivating a project team throughout the timeline. The Process aspect caters to opting for the right strategy to lead the project to success. This strategy might include using predictive, agile, or hybrid approaches, whichever suits best to your project. Finally, the Business Environment domain highlights the success of the project and draws out the impact of this success on the overall organizational output. It also highlights how the project contributed to the organization’s goals, vision, and mission.

Reasons Why PMP Is One Of The Best Project Management Courses In Bangalore

There are five reasons why PMP is hailed as one of the top project management courses in Bangalore.

#1 PMP Is The Global Standard

Amongst all the project management courses in Bangalore, the PMP certification is the most acclaimed because it comes from a global institution, i.e., PMI. Moreover, the CIO magazine has ranked the PMP as the top project management certification in North America because it demonstrates the candidate’s project management skills sought by prospective employers, their dedication to excellence, and their capacity to perform at the highest levels.

The PMP is one of the best project management courses in Bangalore because the rigorous certification journey tests the aspirants every step of the way. The candidates must fulfill certain experiential and educational criteria to qualify for the PMP exam. They must also undergo 35 hours of PMP course in Bangalore and even continue earning PDUs after passing the exam to remain eligible for the certification. All these factors help maintain the standard of PMP certification in Bangalore, which makes it a lucrative choice for employers, organizations, and aspirants alike, regardless of the industry sector, background, and vertical.

#2 PMP Ushers The Application Of Industry-Best Methods To Projects

The PMP certification is highly flexible. Project managers must work in highly ambiguous situations and deliver outputs as well. The PMP certification teaches aspirants intricate problem-solving techniques and strategies to lead complex projects. 

Being a PMP-certified project manager means you have advanced risk management skills and the ability to measure ambiguity and possible roadblocks. The Project managers must mitigate any threats and capitalize on any springing opportunities. All these must be done while applying a project management strategy that suits your organization’s goals, scale, industry, way of working, and budget. This takes your project quality up several levels, which benefits you, your team, and the organization. 

#3 PMP Helps You Build A Network With Certified Professionals

The PMP Certification is one of the most widely held and well-known certifications, with over 1 million people across the globe maintaining the accreditation. Joining this elite community will also enhance your performance and professional marketability. Being a part of the PMI membership will bring you the added benefits of communicating with fellow and senior project managers from across the globe. This opens doors to a lot of career-building opportunities and learning experiences. You can also join a local PMI chapter in Bangalore and explore the different project management strategies and technologies. You can network with the best of the best in the field, get to know insights from fellow team leaders, and thus become a thriving project manager yourself. 

#4 PMP Enhances Your Team-Building Capabilities

A good team is what makes one of the most fundamental building blocks of an organization. Thee teams must have a good project leader and competent project manager to bring value and deliver results. As a project manager, you will be the driving force behind your team. PMP endorses the skill of people. It forms one-third of the entire branch of PMP. Whether the team and the project succeed or fail, it falls under the accountability of the project manager. Being a project manager, it’s a given that people will always surround you. So the responsibility of managing them as a team and communicating and motivating them to finish the work will fall on you. 

You must unite your team members to form a small yet elegant entity as their project manager. Project Managers are considered to be at the top of their game in identifying their strengths and weaknesses to fit them together to complete the project. With this, you will learn various leadership styles to apply according to your project needs or requirements. The PMP certification proves you work smarter. Finally, it shows you have the skills to drive business results and increase your team’s output and your organization’s impact worldwide.

#5 PMP Makes Your Paycheck Grow Multifold

PMP certification makes you the most favorable employee in the job market because the certification in itself is a tough nut to crack. It shows the organizations your proven ability to tackle difficult and complex projects and generate high revenues from them. In addition, a PMP-certified individual is also adept at cutting costs and working well within the set project budget. The PMP also endorses the professional’s ability to work at a steadfast speed, keeping the project timelines and the overall organizational goals in regard.

Since employers gain so many benefits from hiring PMP-certified individuals, the certification holder also gains one prominent advantage – a higher paycheck. As per PMI’s Salary Survey, a PMP-certified project manager earns up to 18% more than a non-PMP in India. According to PMI, non-certified project managers in India earn a median annual salary of $26,620. 

Did these five points convince you to get PMP-certified? The answer we assume is yes! So, let’s look at how you can earn a PMP certification in Bangalore in the subsequent section.

How Can You Earn A PMP Certification in Bangalore

You can earn a PMP Certification in Bangalore by following these five steps:

A. Checking your eligibility

PMI has set eligibility criteria for the PMP Certification examination. It permits only those having a 4-year degree along with 3 years of experience in leading projects. Alternatively, one must have a high school diploma with 5 years of experience in the past eight years. In addition, the aspirants also need to have 35 hours of project management education to attempt the exam for PMP Certification in Bangalore. Still confused? You can check with our PMP Eligibility Calculator, and our team of experts will evaluate it for you!

B. Getting the required PMP training

As mentioned in the eligibility criteria, the PMP aspirants must have 35 hours of project management education to pass the PMP examination. At ProThoughts, we offer the best in class PMP training in Bangalore. Why do we say so? Because our PMP certification online training program provides you with a guarantee that you will clear your examination on the very first attempt. We ensure this through our premium study resources, such as the latest 11th Edition of Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep and the PMBoK book of slides, as per the current version. In addition, we also provide our PMP candidates with flash cards and mind maps for better retention of concepts.

Our industry-expert instructors have 15+ years of experience. Thus, they share insights based on the strategies they implemented to tackle the most complex of projects in their experience. With the PMP training at ProThoughts, you get the mere contact hours certificate and the skills to apply textbook concepts to real-life organizational projects.

C. Submitting your application

To start your application process, you must create an account on the PMI website. You can simply log in with your credentials if you already have an account. After this, you must fill in your personal details, the institutes you’ve attended, the courses you’ve completed, and the corresponding contact hours you’ve previously undergone. You must also fill in your previous working profile and the projects you have led. 

Once you fill in these details, you must wait 5-7 business days for the application review. Sometimes PMI selects an application randomly for an audit, for which you must show your due 35-contact hours certificate and your experiential fulfillment documents. On showcasing these, your application is successfully accepted.

D. On acceptance, paying the fee

Once you receive the acceptance notification from PMI, you must pay the fee. The PMP Certification cost in Bangalore is ₹23,288.00 for PMI members and ₹47,150.00 for non-member fees; you are ready to appear for the PMP certification exam.

E. Attempting the PMP Certification exam

Once you have paid the fee, the eligibility period of one year to attempt the PMP certification examination begins. In this period, you have three attempts to clear the 180-question exam. Prepping with our online simulated mock tests will ensure you pass the PMP certification exam on the first attempt. Enroll in the PMP certification training in Bangalore by ProThoughts to get exclusive access to this feature!

Other Project Management Courses In Bangalore

Once you get PMP-certified, you can look for other project management courses in Bangalore, such as the PMI-RMP and Disciplined Agile (DA) certifications. An advanced level certification holds the PMP Course in Bangalore as a requisite: The Program Management Professional, PgMP certification. This certification tackles complex interlinked projects that work better when led together and not as separate units. You can thus explore this course once you’re done with your PMP course in Bangalore. You can also study further into agile methodologies with the disciplined agile certifications, such as the disciplined agile scrum master (DASM) or the more advanced disciplined agile senior scrum master (DASSM). The idea behind completing these courses is that you are on top of the learning curve in the project management domain and stand out amongst your peers. 


We hope you are convinced why the PMP certification is one of the best project management courses in Bangalore. At ProThoughts, we provide PMP certification training in Bangalore with industry-expert instructors and excellent resources. Enroll today to avail all the perks of the PMP Course in Bangalore!

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