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How To Apply For Project Management Courses In Mumbai | ProThoughts


Project Management Courses In Mumbai

The project management discipline is bubbling with opportunities and tough competition among competent professionals. So the question arises: How do I secure my job position? And the answer is: Through credible certifications. 

Many certifications are available and you can learn via an N-number of websites and platforms today. But simply stacking them all together isn’t the right way to go about it. You must look for “credible” certification platforms. If you’re here on this page, you’re probably someone from the project management field. And the Project Management Institute (PMI) has a specified set of institutes from where you can learn and gain accreditations. ProThoughts happens to be one of the premier authorized training partners of PMI. 

We spoke about credible courses. But which certifications exactly? Read this guide to find out which project management courses in Mumbai have the most scope, how to apply for them, and what you should know in the application process. 

Do Your Research About Project Management Courses In Mumbai

When you think of project management, PMI must be the first thing that comes to mind. The courses offered by PMI are the global standard for the field of project management. These certifications and the skills taught through them are transferable across industries and geographic borders. The best thing about PMI certifications is that they come from a centralized body not bound to a single practice, method, or organization. All the learners are tested on a specified set of parameters for each course. Their competence is demonstrated not only through how they fare in the oncoming certification exam and the procedure, which we will discuss in the forthcoming section. 

As project managers, nothing speaks more than your experience. Even the Project Management Institute (PMI) agrees with this. PMI’s courses test your knowledge, skill, and hands-on experience. But, the certification you choose should be based on the skills you want to endorse, and it also depends on your working experience. There are different courses suiting professionals at different stages of their careers. You must research your eligibility and proficiency before proceeding with any single course. We have discussed all the mentioned pointers in this guide. Let’s look at the top project management courses in Mumbai first.

1. Project Management Professional – PMP Certification

Gist Of The Certification: 

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the world’s leading certification in the project management discipline. It showcases your expertise in leading and directing project teams. The curriculum also covers delivering projects within schedule, budget, and resource constraints. This course teaches you how to efficiently lead projects to success through hands-on exercises and practice projects. But to give the exam, you will need good practice beforehand. This practice will come from the right PMP training.

You can get this PMP course in Mumbai through PMI’s leading ATP – ProThoughts. This PMP training in Mumbai from ProThoughts covers the principles, processes, and techniques of project management as outlined in the PMI’s Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide). PMP Training in Mumbai is especially beneficial because ProThoughts offers in-classroom training to prepare for the certifications. The face-to-face learning mode ensures better retention and guarantees each candidate gets the most out of our expert lessons. 


The eligibility criteria for the PMP course in Mumbai states the candidate should either hold a Four-Year Degree with 36 months of working experience or a High School Diploma with 60 months of industry experience. This industry experience should be where you were leading projects and must be within the timeframe of the past eight years. In addition, the candidates should have 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM certification under their belt.

PMP Certification Cost:

The exam cost for the PMP course in Mumbai for PMI Members is ₹21,933, and for Non-Members, it is ₹30,042.

Level Of Certification: Intermediate

2. Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM Certification

Gist Of the Certification: 

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification is the first step in project management. The exam is one of the top-rated project management courses, especially among aspiring project managers. Unlike the PMP certification, the CAPM course is not meant for seasoned project managers and team leads. The course recently had its curriculum updated for 2023. The exam’s original domains will be replaced by the new ones listed below:

  • Project management fundamentals and core concepts
  • Predictive, plan-based methodologies
  • Agile frameworks/methodologies
  • Business analysis frameworks

At ProThoughts, being the authorized training partner of PMI, our training material is always up-to-date with the changes PMI introduces. So, get the latest and most aligned resources with the CAPM certification training at ProThoughts.


The eligibility criteria for the CAPM certification states that the aspirants must have a secondary degree, such as a high school diploma, GED (general educational development), or their global equivalent. In addition, they must have at least 23 contact hours of project management education to show. You can complete the CAPM Certification Training at ProThoughts to achieve the latter part of the eligibility pointers.

CAPM Certification Cost: 

The CAPM certification exam fee for PMI Members is ₹12,202, and for Non-Members, it is ₹16,218.

Level Of Certification: Beginner

3. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner – PMI-ACP Certification

Gist Of the Certification:

If you’re well-versed in Agile methods and are looking for a way to enhance and endorse your skills, then the PMI-ACP certification is the one for you. The PMI-ACP exam tests your knowledge regarding everything about Agile, from Agile Manifesto, different Agile methodologies and frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, etc.) to Agile tools, techniques, skills, etc., for everyone involved in Agile projects, e.g., project managers, product owners, Agile coaches and trainers, developers, testers, business analysts, etc.

Since this is an advanced level of certification, you will need well-rounded and a good amount of training to appear for the exam. At ProThoughts, we have been preparing candidates for PMI’s project management courses in Mumbai for almost a decade now. The PMI-ACP certification can truly open doors to many opportunities for you, and won’t it be great to clear it on your first attempt? Well, with the PMI-ACP certification training at ProThoughts, you can ensure you do. You can reach out to us, and our team of consultants would be happy to assist you.  


The eligibility criteria for PMI-ACP are:

  • A Secondary degree.
  • Twenty-one contact hours of training in agile practices.
  • Twelve months of project experience within the last five years.

A current PMP or PgMP will satisfy this requirement but is not required to apply for the PMI-ACP. It also demands eight months of agile project experience within the last three years.

PMI-ACP Certification Cost

The exam fee for PMI Members is ₹23,555, and for Non-members, it is ₹26,799.

Level Of Certification: Advanced

4. PMI Professional in Business Analysis – PMI-PBA Certification

Gist Of the Certification:

Business analysis is a project management branch of critical importance today. Becoming certified as a business analysis (BA) expert can advance your career. Becoming a certified Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) shows your ability to deal with complex project or program data and move it in the right direction. Business analysis is crucial in defining business needs, mitigating risks, identifying opportunities, and creating sustainable solutions for business problems. The  PMI-PBA Certification training by ProThoughts is highly recognized and well-acclaimed amongst learners. It aims to facilitate complete and comprehensive studies necessary to appear for and clear the PMI – PBA certification examination. The course is designed to pass the exam, understand the concepts, and apply them in real-life projects.


The eligibility criteria for the PMI-PBA certification demands a degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree) along with 60 months of business analysis experience or a bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent along with 36 months of business analysis experience. In addition to both, the candidates must have 35 contact hours of education in business analysis.

PMI-PBA Certification Cost: 

The exam fee for PMI-PBA is ₹21,933 for PMI Members and ₹30,042 for Non-members.

Level Of Certification: Intermediate

5. Disciplined Agile – DA Certifications

Gist Of the Certifications: 

Many certifications come under the umbrella of Disciplined Agile. These are Disciplined Agile Scrum Master, Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master, Disciplined Agile Coach, and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant. In addition, at ProThoughts, we offer a unique foundation course on the subject for complete beginners to the subject. The Disciplined Agile Certifications aim to transform the organization’s Way Of Working (WoW) by introducing business agility in its projects and teams. These certifications follow a gradual advancement, with DASM being a course for beginners and DAVSC being for experienced professionals in the field. Although the PMP certification is the most popular course in Mumbai, disciplined agile certifications run as a close competitor. 


The eligibility for disciplined agile certifications varies. For DASM, there are virtually no requisites, and everyone new in the field can take it. DASSM certification requires you to complete the DASM first and also needs the candidates to have working knowledge about agile best practices. DAC and DAVSC are the most advanced level certifications, and only a few people across the globe hone the certification.

Fun Fact: Our Founder is a holder of both the advanced disciplined agile certifications – Disciplined agile coach and Disciplined Agile value stream consultant and regularly contributes to our resources pages.

Disciplined Agile Certifications Cost: 

DASM: For PMI Members: ₹21,624. For PMI Non-Members: ₹27,030

Note: For all other advanced courses, that is, DASSM, DAC, and DAVSC, the exam fee is included within the course fee that you pay to any of PMI’s training partners.

Level Of Certification: Ranges from beginner to advanced.

Gain Credibility

As the above pointers stated, some work experience or education is needed to complete either of these certifications. So we suggest you work on the eligibility factors before starting the application process. Based on your experience level, you must have already shortlisted a course from the above list. But, one part of the eligibility criteria remains a setback for most people: The Contact Hours or Professional Development Units (PDUs). 

You can earn these PDUs by completing PMI courses, attending webinars and global educational events, reading blogs and articles, creating project management-based content, or engaging in structured discussions with your peers. But PMI suggests the optimal way to earn PDUs is through courses and training programs. It does so because it’s quicker, and you can learn a lot, which also helps you further in your career. But let’s discuss how to go about it next.

How To Apply For Project Management Courses In Mumbai

  1. Check Eligibility

As mentioned in the previous sections, the project management courses in Mumbai have specific eligibility criteria that the candidates must meet. These criteria must be fulfilled before the date of the scheduled examination. Although the experiential part of the eligibility pointers comes from your past work experience, ProThoughts can help you with the contact hours certificate needed to apply for these courses. With our insightful webinars and interactive game-based sessions, you can ensure a great learning experience while also having fun and perceptive discussions.

       2. Register and Create an Account

Before applying for any of the project management courses in Mumbai, you will need to register yourself on the PMI website and create an account. The page will lead you to a form where you must answer a few questions so that PMI can customize your experience better. If you already have an account on the PMI website, you can simply log in with your credentials. 

       3. Gather All Your Documents And Experience Certificates 

This includes the projects you’ve led, the places where you’ve worked and your role and responsibilities there, the projects you worked on and their duration, any training or courses you’ve undergone, the institutions you’ve attended, and the corresponding contact hours. Moreover, candidates can be selected at random for an eligibility audit. If chosen for an audit, it will be necessary to provide the following to confirm your eligibility:

  1. Copy of Your Degree
  2. Verification of Experience signed by the corresponding supervisors
  3. Certificate or Proof of required project management training

      4. Fill Up The Application Form and Submit It

You have 90 days to complete your application once you have started the process. The review and audit process takes approximately 5-7 working days; upon successful completion, you can proceed with the payment.

      5. On Acceptance, Pay the Fee

Once your application is accepted, you can pay your fee to PMI. Your eligibility period starts once you’ve submitted the application form and completed the fee payment. One must note that the test fee is included in the training amount that you pay to one of PMI’s Authorized Training Partners for disciplined agile courses. At ProThoughts, we provide the best-in-class training proven to bring value for money for project management courses in Mumbai. 

       6. Schedule Exam 

Once the fee is paid, you can schedule your examination using the Pearson VUE testing platform. You can refer to the details for the same on the PMI website. You can attempt the exams up to 3 times within one year’s eligibility period of 1 year. At ProThoughts, we provide a refresher course for PMP in Mumbai since most aspirants opt for this certification program and need a reiteration of the concepts to clear the exam in subsequent attempts. 

        7. Ace the exam with the best institute for project management courses in Mumbai!

The criteria for picking the best institute include the mode of training, i.e., in-Classroom vs. Online, the quality of the study materials provided, the experiential level of the instructors, and how they coach you for the tests. At ProThoughts, we give the convenience of classroom training for PMP certification in Mumbai and also provide it in the online medium. For the other project management courses in Mumbai, we provide an online and eLearning medium for lesson conduction. We are also one of the exclusive distributors of the well-known book Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep, Mike Griffith, and Michel Thiry’s book series.  Moreover, we provide simulated mock tests for these project management courses and give you a good set of practice resources. Thus, you can choose ProThoughts for guaranteed success in your exam and forthcoming organizational projects!

Upskill Further With More Project Management Courses In Mumbai

Once you have applied for the courses, the following steps would be maintained. You can continue to attain PDUs. ProThoughts provides a holistic learning package wherein you can earn 60 PDUs or 20 PDUs, based on your certification requirements. You can also enroll in more project management courses.


We hope we have covered everything you wanted to know in this blog. At ProThoughts, we never compromise on the quality of the media we produce and the lessons we take. Neither do we hold back on answers to queries! So, send in your inquiries or questions about either of these top project management courses in Mumbai. We will be happy to assist you. You can also explore specialized courses such as Program Management Professional (PgMP), PMI-RMP, PMI-SP, etc. Happy learning, and keep succeeding in your projects!

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