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Top 7 Must-have Project Manager Traits To Succeed!


Project Manager Traits

Roles and responsibilities of a project manager have dynamically changed over the past years as the project management methodologies have changed from predictive models (e.g., Waterfall) to adaptive models (e.g., agile, Scrum) in the last decade. Project manager in conventional projects and scrum master in Agile/Scrum projects plays a leadership role in motivating the team, conflict management, and ensuring the team is in alignment with the organization’s vision and mission. Personality traits reflect one individual’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The personality traits of the project manager directly correlate with the success of both the manager and the team.

7 Project Manager Traits

The following are the project manager’s traits:

1. Listening

One of the key project manager traits is to be a good listener. An active listener can resolve any conflict or problem situation with six simple techniques: Paying attention to the conversation. An open mind to ideas, reflecting on thoughts, Clarifying unclear communication, reflecting on other’s ideas, summarizing the conversation, and sharing the thoughts. Additionally, a good listener project manager provides plenty of opportunity for all team members to be heard, and then, listen carefully to what is communicated and potentially what is not communicated.

2) Empathy

Empathetic project managers take an honest interest in project team members’ well-being– what makes the project team suffer, what motivates them, and the way they feel. They assess why certain people show a particular behavior, and this skill helps project managers to become great leaders who can connect with different types of people and tailor their leadership style depending on who they are interacting with. Empathy helps to build increased trust, and better team building, empowers the team in decision-making, and enhances influence.

3. Problem Solving Approach

In the modern world, an ideal project manager should be open to new ideas and should challenge the status to identify and motivate the project team to explore out of box solutions. In the complex world of today’s project management, it is critical for project managers to be open to different solutions and to ensure project objectives are met despite various impediments, obstacles, and blockers.

4. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to know your feelings, identify strength and awareness, know emotional triggers, and have confidence in making decisions for a based possible outcome. A good project manager should be able to estimate the emotional health of the project team and ensure negative emotions do not impact future endeavors. Self-awareness essentially consists of three components-emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence. This helps the project team to recover from any setback and motivates them to drive for new challenges. 

5. Resolve Conflict

 Conflict is inevitable in project management. Transitioning to an adaptive model increases potential conflicts in priorities, solutions, estimations, and timelines. A good project manager should have mastery in conflict resolution.

6. Foresight

A good project manager should be able to anticipate future events and visualize future challenges through experience, learning, and analysis of past trends.

7. Ethics

Project managers should follow best project management practices and make unbiased best possible decisions concerning people, resources, and the environment. The project management ethical framework is governed by 4 parametershonesty, responsibility, respect, and fairness. A good project manager should follow ethical practices and promote an ethical culture in the team. 

For a project manager, getting a PMP Certification can help develop the right set of personality traits which is critical for the success of the role.


Your success in your professional life is frequently influenced by your personal traits. You ought to have talked about features if you want to succeed as a project manager.

Additionally, a project manager must be on time and have excellent time management skills to prevent project delays. Being an excellent project manager is not simple. Every step of the way calls for tolerance, tenacity, and the capacity for critical thought.

The good news is that nothing is preventing you from learning these abilities. This blog provides insights for improving as a project manager, outlining essential areas to focus on.

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