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PMP Certification Fees in India


PMP Certification Fees

How would one define PMP?

PMP, or the Project Management Professional Certification, is a highly regarded professional qualification for project managers worldwide. The Project Management Institute (PMI) certifies candidates as PMPs.

The PMP certification proves that an individual with a PMP credential has verified experience, educational qualifications, skills required, and competency required to lead and execute projects. This certification is among the most well-known credentials awarded by the Project Management Institute.

PMP is the most desirable qualification for project managers worldwide today. With its credentials, criteria, and suggestions, the PMI Institute has added value to the careers of over three million people worldwide. In addition, PMP certification has become a necessity for many jobs worldwide.

Professionals can retain their PMP certification through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) process.

Now that we understand PMP, let’s examine the PMP certification fee.

What does it mean by PMP Certification?

The PMI-issued PMP certification validates your project management skills and abilities. It demonstrates your understanding of the most recent principles, procedures, and practices. PMP credential holders in 40 countries earn around 20% more than their non-certified PMP Professionals. 

An individual with a more excellent grasp and applicability of project management, scheduling, Agile, business, and leadership management lets you stand out among others. 

What are the PMP Certification Fees in India?

The PMP examination costs $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. In addition, numerous firms allow their employees to gain professional certifications and education perks.

Depending on where a candidate registers, the PMP certification costs between ₹ 22,763 and ₹ 3,79,395. PMP certification in India is priced at ₹23,459 for PMI members and ₹42,863 for non-members. The PMP test application fee in India is ₹9,963.

The PMP certification fees in India to earn 60 PDUs varies from place to place, ranging from $300 to $5,000.

What is the Structure for PMP Certification Fees:?

  • $275 for PMI members
  • Non-PMI members pay $375

A person wishing to become a PMI member must pay a PMP fee of $555 at the time of application, including the examination and membership expenses.

Interestingly, even if candidates do not intend to join PMI, they must still pay the PMP exam price. Thus, we advise you to subscribe to PMI membership to pay the PMP course price more conveniently.

Let’s go through the PMP Certification cost in India for renewal. Let’s examine the renewal charge.

Obtaining the Project Management Professional credential is a great method to boost your career prospects. It unlocks multiple doors to higher-paying positions in healthcare, finance, Technology, and other industries. According to reports, PMP-certified professionals earn significantly more than their non-certified peers. In addition, a PMP certification expands your skill set and verifies your leadership experience. In this post, we’ll look into the costs and benefits of PMP certification in India.

What is the PMP certification renewal fee in India?

If you’ve failed to clear it immediately, do you need clarification about India’s PMP certification renewal fee? After PMI verifies that a candidate has satisfied the PDU requirements, they will receive an electronic reminder to submit for PMP fee renewal.

After receiving the notification, the PMI requests that the renewal PMP certification fees be paid through the online certification system.

Costs of PMI Membership CCR Renewal Fee:

  • PMI member – $60
  • Non-PMI member – $150

One needs to remember that the PMI membership renewal charge differs from the PMP certification renewal fee in India. After completing the PDU requirements, a candidate can finish the renewal procedure at any time within their cycle by submitting payment within 90 days of the cycle end date.

After processing the completed application and receipt of the PMP certification renewal fee, PMI will give the candidate a certificate with the new active certification/CCR cycle dates. The typically required time for mail delivery of the documents is six to eight weeks.

PMP-certification holders must agree to abide by the terms of service, including adherence to audit standards. The applicant can recertify if they pass all audit requirements if a certification audit is necessary.

  • Process

The PMI will randomly pick a subset of PMI-certified professionals for the auditing procedure. During this time, candidates must provide documentation to verify their PDUs.

Thus, a candidate must preserve all PDU-related documentation for at least 18 months beyond the conclusion of the CCR cycle.

  • The cancellation of Certificates

Candidate has the right to revoke their certification whenever they want.

On receipt of the application form, PMI will reimburse one-third of the PMP certification renewal fee for each full year of the candidate’s a renewed certification/CCR cycle that has yet to be utilized following the date of the written cancellation request.

Contact Customer Care if extenuating circumstances prevent a candidate from completing the certification renewal process. PMI will look at each claim separately before deciding how to resolve it.

Let’s take a look at the PMP certification benefits as we’ve covered the PMP certification costs and the PMP certification renewal cost.

PMP Certification Exam Fees in India

PMI members pay ₹ 33,532 for the PMP certification exam fees in India, while non-members pay ₹45,951.

The price of PMP training in Chennai varies greatly from one instructor to the next and from one set of materials to another. However, the typical cost of PMP training in Chennai ranges from INR  ₹15,000 to  ₹30,000. In addition, the PMP certification fee in India at ProThoughts in Chennai is only ₹ 11,999, significantly less than comparable courses on the market.

Study resources include things like textbooks, practice tests, and sample exams. Depending on the vendor, the study materials for PMP certification fees in India might range between ₹5,000 and ₹10,000.

PMP certification fees in Chennai can be between ₹ 30,000 and ₹ 80,000 on average, depending on the membership type, training provider, study materials, and other considerations.

PMP Certification Mumbai fees

The PMI has established PMP certification fees that are uniform throughout the world. However, pricing can vary by country. The highest costs of earning certification are exam fees, training fees, study materials, and the mock test simulator.

PMP Certification Mumbai fees are ₹42,863 for non-members and ₹23,459 for PMI members. Members for PMP certification in Mumbai are charged the above fees accordingly.

PMP Certification Fees in Chennai

The price of earning your PMP certification in Chennai can vary depending on some variables. This includes your membership, the exam price, the training and study materials for PMP certification in Chennai, etc. 

Estimation for PMP certification fees in Chennai is for an individual to become a member for PMP Certification in Chennai, you must pay a membership fee of ₹7,646.00 plus a one-time application charge of ₹772 per year. However, it is free for registered users.

PMP Certification Fees in Bangalore

Applicants who obtained their PMP in Bangalore are given three chances to pass the test in a calendar year. One can get the training needed to ace the PMP exam this PMP Certification in Bangalore.

Following passing the PMP examination, your certification will be ready in four to six weeks in Bangalore.  Participants in the Bangalore PMP course report feeling well-prepared for the certification exam as a result. Once certified, ProThoughts PMP program graduates in Bangalore will have more job opportunities and higher market worth.

PMP Certification Fees in Pune

The field of Project Manager as an occupation is one of the rapidly growing occupations in many fields. By 2027, 88 million people will need to have skills related to project management because of the exploding demand for project managers. The research found that members for PMP certification in Pune receive 20% more than their non-certified peers.

People of Pune with a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification will have greater employment opportunities with large organizations. ProThoughts is a prominent institution for educational services in Pune. One may rely on us for assistance at every stage of the PMP certification process they need. You can count on help at every turn while you fill out forms and study for exams.

Is there a return policy for PMP certification fees?

You may request a refund of the PMP certification fee if you have already paid the fee in full and would like a refund. You must submit a refund request to the Project Management Institute at least 30 days before the exam eligibility date ends for the refund to be processed. If you still need to schedule or take the exam, PMI will deduct about ₹8000 as a processing charge. As soon as the reimbursement is finalized, the application will be closed and the eligibility window will no longer be in effect.

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