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Can PMBOK Guide Help You Pass Your PMP Exam Easily?


When you are on the verge of fulfilling your dreams and going one step ahead in your career as a Program/Project Manager, there might be a few concerns on your mind, which may include: what are the PMP exam fees? How to crack your PMP exam in one go? and whether the PMBOK Guide is enough to clear the PMP exam? etc. Thus, to solve all your concerns and help you achieve your dream, We have got you covered. Let’s understand the core of the PMBOK Guide and what other study material you should refer to for passing the PMP exam.

What is the PMBOK Guide and what does it include?

The PMBOK Guide is known as the Project Management Body of Knowledge, and it is considered the flagship publication of PMI. The Guide includes all the essential information for a persuasive Project Management Certification.

In simple words, The PMBOK Guide is a simplified exam material, and they have recently launched their 7th edition as per the growing trends in business. The guide also includes the standard for project management and immense knowledge, which is based upon the examination guidelines.

Can the PMBOK guide solely help you to clear your PMP exam?

If you are a beginner, then the PMBOK Guide is a must-read book but is not enough for you to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. However, for those who have already referred to the other study materials and are giving a second attempt, they can go through the guide.

We highly recommend referring to other materials as the guide does not cover all the concepts and topics. 

You also need to solve multiple question paper sets, mock tests, etc., which are all covered in ProThoughts’s PMP certification course. You will also be provided with the exam preparations, in-house instructors, pre and post-training support, etc.

Can you pass the exam without referring to the PMBOK Guide?

The answer to this question is quite complicated as many of the aspirants who have passed the exam tend to clear it without referring to the guide, and many such cases have come across.

However, those who are new to Project Management should have a proper guide and knowledge about the examination, concepts, and study material so that they do not find it difficult to crack the examination.

As the PMP exam is competitive, tough, and expensive, we will not recommend attempting it without referring to the PMBOK. If you want to pass the exam eagerly, then you shouldn’t cut any corners. There is no doubt that studying the guide is a difficult task, but we have covered all the answers in this article.

How will ProThoughts assist you in passing the exam?

This is a common confusion for those who have just started with the preparations. If you are attending the 35 hours of training with ProThoughts, then referring to the PMBOK guide may be easy for you, but without attending any training or class, it can become a bit tough to cover and understand all the concepts.

ProThoughts not only helps you with how to refer to the PMBOK Guide but also provides you with other facilities which are included in the PMP Certification fee. The best part is that we provide students with the Mega Pass so that if any student has missed any of the sessions, they can attend them. Secondly, the fun of learning with game-based interactive methodology so that the concepts are clear and easily rooted in the mind. 

Apart from the PMBOK guide, ProThoughts provides various other materials like Rita Mulcahy, Michel Thiry, and other customized books, mind maps, mock tests, and flashcards, which simultaneously help to crack the difficult questions in the exam.

With ProThoughts, you will not only prepare for PMP certification but also gain values that will help you in your job, such as;

  • Implementing the knowledge into the projects
  • Creating tasks that can be overcome easily
  • Forming relationships with the team
  • Helping the company grow and achieve its goals


Coming towards the summary of the article, one thing can be understood: PMBOK is an important source for the exam, but it is not enough to prepare you thoroughly with all the concepts of the PMP exam. Your exam preparation should include a preparation toolkit, multiple mock tests, training, various reference books, study materials, etc.

So, with all this guidance, we hope that all your queries have been solved and you can easily prepare for your exam now. Best wishes to all the candidates from ProThoughts!

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