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Incredible Achievement by Jai Krishnan



I am Jai Krishnan, working as an IT Supervisor at Tenneco Automotive Pvt Ltd. It is an automobile spares manufacturing company. In the past, I’ve worked in GAVS (an IT service company) and in Macmillan India, Publication company. My 20 years of experience spread over publications, IT service and Automobile industry. I am an MCA (Masters in Computer Application), SAP securities, and an Oracle certified professional.

Idea of PMP Certification:

It all started in our office canteen when I had tea with my friends, way back in 2018. One of my friends had mentioned this certification and how he was preparing for it. Everything fell into place, as I was looking for a certification like PMP for my career growth, but time hadn’t permitted me then, to take it at that time, since PMP cannot be taken like other courses. It needs intense understanding of concepts and temperament to take the exam for 3hr & 50 min. Pandemic helped me to spare some time to take PMP in 2022. Immediately I searched for institutions who can provide training and zeroed ProThoughts.

Mandatory 35 PDU Training for PMP:

To attempt the examination, one has to take a professional PMP training course (36 hrs) which earn 35 PDU (Professional Development Units). ProThoughts gave multiple options with timing, I chose a weekday batch which could be spread over 20 days in Feb – March 2022. Online classes were conducted by Mr. Pritesh Shah, our instructor. He is well versed in the PMP arena and has industrial experience. He is an expert in his field and explained all the concepts very well, in an easily absorbable manner, which greatly helped me to develop a deep insight of them. He was always open to questions and ready to extend the lesson at our convenience. I also had the opportunity to interact with other participants from different fields i.e., Manufacturing, Insurance, IT, Banking, etc which showed that PMP certification is not specific to any field.

PMP Application and Preparation:

The next step after acquiring the 35 PDUs is to complete the PMP application at the PMI portal. This involves describing real industry experience along with qualification in the prescribed format. It is important to thoroughly go through the application instructions available on the portal, to complete your application. Pritesh Shah helped in reviewing the application and had given suggestions a

a couple of times before I went ahead to submit it on the PMI portal. One can only apply for PMP examination, once this application is duly approved by PMI. My application got approved in 5 days and I began my preparations. Due to the long gap in taking exams, I needed special attention to get them on track. I went through the materials provided by PMI ECO, Head first PMP, Head first Agile and went through YouTube for more clarifications. I used to study daily for 4 to 5 hours, after reading the material two times, I took the mock test and questions related to PMP from YouTube. It helped to find the gray areas and correct the same. Taking a mock is very important to gauge as to whether we can complete the test in stipulated time. As everyone would be ready with the concepts, but need to answer the questions in stipulated time, PMP exam as per my view is more like a psychometric exam. It tests not just our knowledge, but also our temperament, so we need to prepare for long hours of exams.

Fixing Exam Date and the Day Before the Exam: 

As per my schedule, I decided to take the exam in July but I got the slot only on August 02nd 2022. Being all set for the exams, with more than one month’s time to brush up all the concepts once again, I took the mock test and went through the web. Wherever I found the PMP questions, I answered the same. When you attend the mock test, try to understand all the options in answers, so it will help you to know more things rather than that particular question. Couple of days before the exam do not over-read or over-exert yourself. Relax and read only the instructions to take the exam by Pearson VUE and keep your mind fresh.

My Tips to Success:

✓ Read the book as much as possible

✓ Take mock test without fail

✓ While taking mock practice read the question only once and try to understand. If you try to read the question multiple time you will run short of time

✓ Try to understand other options in the questions while doing a mock so you will  learn more concepts.

✓ Practicing a mock with time is very important since time management is core for success in the exam.

Thanks everyone for the journey and my best wishes to those who plan to take the exam.

To know more about pmp certification, you can email us at info@prothoughts.co.in. or schedule an appointment with our experts here or drop a message on WhatsApp

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