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My Holistic Experience of the PMP Exam by Ankit Naithani


Hi, my name is Ankit Naithani, and I am a Project Manager. I passed my PMP® exam in May’22.

I would like to share my PMP journey and the holistic experience of the exam. My PMP certification journey was an eventful one. I have passed my exam on my first attempt. Initially, I was confused about how to start preparation for an exam as the information floating on the internet made me overwhelmed as different people have given their different opinions on how to prepare for an exam and which book would be good enough.

Fortunately, one day I was having a conversation about readiness for an exam with my colleague Suraj Kumar, who is also PMP certified and took PMP training from ProThoughts. That same day, I decided to follow the same approach and I decided to call Arvind Nahata (Co-founder/Director) of the firm. My first interaction with Arvind was very nice, though it was formal and specific to the roadmap on how to prepare for the exam, it was very insightful. I still remember what Arvind said to me: “It is important to have a PM mindset, which is the key to success in the exam.” I am referring to the mindset as a thought process which the PM always uses to perceive the information, analyze the content and revert by using best PM practice.

Furthermore, I eventually enrolled for my PMP training for Jun’22. The training was for 4 days (2 weekend classes) and the content which Arvind used to teach us and the examples he plotted were very simple and relatable for all the trainees, whether they are from an IT, mechanical, or service background.

After having 4 days of training, Arvind suggested reading and understanding Rita Mulchay’s book and the Agile Guide, which are very detailed books to understand all the process groups, knowledge areas, and processes with visual examples followed by practice questions after each chapter. Initially I was scared after looking at that lengthy book, but Arvind’s lectures helped me to understand it well.

Moving to my exam preparation, I have given myself a 90-day challenge to give the exam starting from W1 1 Feb’22 till W4 Apr’22. I have planned my preparation schedule week-based, considering I will cover all the chapters once and I will keep 15 days for revision and a mock test before the exam. Arvind has been assisting me along the way when I was stuck due to misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge on the subject. We had a lot of calls during the evening and he helped me with my gray areas.

I have taken 2 months to complete both of the books and 15 days for the revision. I have 15 days taken for my mock test exam.

After all that, I appeared for an exam on 04-May and I passed my exam with above target score in all 3 areas.

Lesson Learnt: 

My focus was to understand the topic while preparing for an exam and simulate the situation to my work environment for a better understanding. During the exam, I used the mindset which Arvind has given to me and I simulated all the questions at my work place and answered accordingly with the right PM approach.

To know more about pmp certification, you can email us at info@prothoughts.co.in. or schedule an appointment with our experts here or drop a message on WhatsApp.

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