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New PMBOK 7th Edition PMP Certification 2022


In this blog, we shall explore PMP Certification   (Project Management Professional), the world’s leading project management certification offered by PMI (Project Management Institute, USA).

Beginning of a new year, usually, we all find that most people think about their plans for the coming future, improving their health, wealth, career and many such things.

There is an innate nature for all of us, to improve from time to time and in the process, we look for the opportunities that can help us grow our existing skills and take us to a new career path.

Every day is a new beginning and nature credits us additional 86,400 seconds in our time bank, this is given to each of us equally, how each one of us uses this time in the present, depends on the future that is coming up.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It may be a good idea to decide to use this time given to us in a worthwhile way that can benefit us in various ways: like helping us expand the horizon of our career, positions in organizations and many more such possibilities.

In life, many opportunities are folded within our destiny, but certain times in the year help us to sit down and reflect on how we can unfold new career opportunities seeing the ever-changing technology and market in the economy of the world.

To align ourselves with the demands of the project management profession, there is a high need to look for some new ways or methods to learn new things and do a kind of self-promotion.

So, have you already decided to promote yourself by yourself? If not, still not too late to do that.

You might have heard that to earn a PMP credential, one needs to appear for the PMP exam and PMI provides, PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) as one of the reference guides for the same.

PMI released PMBOK 7th edition last August 2021, which now includes predictive, agile and hybrid approaches to managing projects.

PMP certification is designed for project professionals working across any industry and the PMBOK guide, focuses on three key domains:

  1. People
    1. Guides on creating or building a high-performance team
    2. Lead the team with interpersonal skills like communication skills, emotional intelligence, etc…
    3. Track the team performance and motivate them
  2. Processes
    1. Well defined processes for carrying out various tasks in the project right from initiation to closing of the project
    2. Processes are defined for the complete project life cycle: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing 
  3. Business Environment
    1. Guides how organizational structure and culture affect the outcome of project activities
    2. Guides on how we can have our projects comply with internal and external project compliance requirements.

A specific advantage of gaining professional certification in project management may include:

  • Better control of the budget and human resources
  • Improved stakeholder connections
  • Lower costs and higher profits in the long term
  • Higher quality and product reliability
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Improved morale of employees
  • Etc….

Last but not the least, PMP certified professionals on an average of 20 to 25% higher salaries in comparison to other project managers who are not certified.

Now, if that sounds interesting, you may be thinking what are the next steps or milestones in gaining this certification.

One of the prerequisites to apply for PMP Certification is that one should have attended 35 contact hours of project management training.

Also note that the PMP exam is created based on a well-defined exam content outline, going through that may give you a very good idea about which detailed areas and tasks are covered in PMP exam questions.

You may check out PMP Exam Content Outline here.

Have any further questions or needs any assistance, the ProThoughts team is here to help you out.

For further details please visit our website

Thank you for spending your precious time reading our blog.

Wishing you all the best.

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