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PMP Success Story by Debashish Tripathy


I am a Senior Data Analyst and Project Manager at KPMG with a total experience of 13 years. I have domain expertise around Data Analytics, Project Management, Learning and development. I am a commerce graduate and hold an MBA degree in Finance.

PMP Journey

It all started a year back; when my performance manager got changed (October 2021). My manager holds a wide industry experience and is a PMP certified professional. As I started to work more closely with him, I got exposure to various project management techniques and gradually it interests me to learn more. Found that I am already practicing Project management for a long time but never gave a focus or direction. With my continuous work and increased interest; decide to pursue the PMP certification. My manager had done PMP training from Prothoughts and strongly recommended booking the training session with the same. This is where the big step towards the certification is taken. 

Completing the Mandatory Training

As criteria set by PMI, one has to take a professional PMP training course (36 hrs) which

earns 35 PDU (Professional Development Units). This can be achieved in many ways as nowadays there are multiple learning platforms. The critical part for the aspirant is to find the right platform for completing the training. I personally recommend gaining detailed knowledge on PMP which is going to help for the certification as well as for future. I got a recommendation to choose Prothoughts and without wasting any time I have enrolled myself. I got options to select the batch as per my convenience and that is where I met my instructor Mr.Vidyesh Alve. I won’t be able to explain his skills, approach and method of delivering the training in words but one thing I can say, he is one of the pillars in my success. Attending the sessions with Prothoughts gave exposure to understand PMP content better, interact with other participants and get broader thoughts on PMP challenges and approaches in real life scenarios. 

Exam Preparation

This is the critical phase. The day you entered into the Training program; that is where you entered the prep. Phase. Rita Mulcahy’s book will help a lot and you can gain better understanding on the subject if you start reading parallel to training. This helps to relate what you had learned in the training and how to calibrate your understanding with that. Simulation test enabled by Prothoughts is another key thing in preparation which helps to understand how you are thinking and how you are answering on different sections. Identify where you are doing good and find the areas where you need more preparation. More like do a planning of the preparation phase and execute it timely; which is a proven success for many. 

PMP Application

After acquiring the 35 PDUs, next is to complete the PMP application at the PMI portal.

This involves coverage of real industry experience along with qualification in the prescribed

format. Thoroughly go through the application instructions available on the portal to complete

your application. Vidyesh helped a lot and guided me well before I submitted the application. One can only apply for PMP examination after the application is duly approved by PMI. It takes a few days and once approved the aspirant needs to select a slot for his exam. 

We all have personal priorities and in my experience the day you book your slot for the exam; you will become more focused and motivated to complete the certification

Personal Tips

These are some of my own experiences which I believe may help others in their journey to complete the certification:

  • You must have real life experience to understand the concepts
  • Take membership subscription from PMI and get access to the latest study materials.
  • Rita M book, answering all the questions at the end of each chapter as a knowledge check. This will give the insight where is the lack
  • Simulation test provided by ProThoughts. At least 2 simulations(Mock Test)
  • Think like a project manager and for any scenario-based questions don’t answer from an action point of view. Try to answer from a planning point of view.
  • Read the questions carefully for the key words
  • Try early for the certification, after completing the training it will be easy as concepts remains fresh in memory

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