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Should I do the PMP Certification exam in 5th edition or wait for the 6th edition?



“A simple answer is, without any doubt, do it in the 5th edition.”

While it is great to know about the new things happening on the 6th edition, and which you should by any means, it is not a great idea to do a PMP Certification exam on the 6th edition for the following reasons:

  1. PMP Edition Changes and Exams are mutually exclusive – We have our own experts who have done on 3rd edition but they kept themselves abreast on what’s happening latest – in the newer editions. They are still PMP certified and on the current edition. You just have to maintain the PDUs – and that’s a separate process (Link on how to Maintain the PDUs).
  2. New Additions, New Syllabus, New Exam Patterns & Changes More uncertainties!!  The 6th edition is a welcome change to the current edition. Please check out the blog on the new edition changes here.However, it does take time to evolve with new things and therefore, new uncertainties unearth. Why take risks when you have an option available?
  3. Tried and Tested 5th edition exam pattern – We have seen so many successes that we have mastered it. It is a sure thing that you succeed with the 5th edition certification exam. Check out our recent PMP certified (Hall of Fame) and Success stories.


You have well enough time as the PMP exam on 5th edition is likely to be around till 31st Mar 2018 (Q1 -2018).

ProThoughts also going to run free webinar and classroom sessions for all their participants on the 6th edition at the start of 2018 so that everyone is in line with the 6th edition changes. ProThoughts is committed to keeping you updated on the latest trends in project management including 6th edition changes.

If your focus like a good project manager is to clear PMP Certification exam, Do it NOW than later – lesser risk, lesser cost and more peace of mind !!!

For more details, feel free to contact us on +91 8422907604 or email us at info@prothoughts.co.in

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