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The Post Training Support – On The Way To Becoming a PgMP Certified


One of the toughest things to do on your way to become a PgMP certified is to fill the application form and pass the panel review.

Actually, many fear this PgMP Panel review process and the PgMP Application form process, and they avoid this PgMP certification exam. And many people without knowing the actual process, think that it is an impossible hurdle to cross.

At ProThoughts, we have helped many pass this stage with ease. 

With proper guidance and support, this is easily possible. 

And that’s the difference that ProThoughts makes in this space. One of the biggest differentiators that ProThoughts brings to the table is the Post Training Support. We offer responsive support with a pool of resources and even experts who are ready to spend their valuable time with you. 

We believe that passing the certification exam is not that tough, especially given your concepts are sufficiently cleared by our material. However, filing the application form is a bit of a hassle. And that’s where we like to support you. Plus our expert’s hand-holding for any doubts/queries till you get your PgMP certification!

ProThoughts provides the following support resources among many:

  1. Free Application Support Samples 
  2. Tips and Tricks for PgMP Exam 
  3. 5 PgMP Mock Exams with Expert Support on ProMOCK platform 
  4. PgMP Mind-maps
  5. PgMP Flashcards 
  6. Recorded Webinar Sessions for any instant doubt clearing 
  7. PgMP ProThoughts Slide book
  8. Free Templates of PgMP artifacts 
  9. Supplementary literature read of Program Management material 
  10. Games and Activities to strengthen your PgMP concepts 

One of the observations and from our experiences is that the application process is really time-consuming. And we in our Post Training Support, try to make it smoother and effective and make it worry free for the candidate. 

Although we give a lot of literature on application and panel review, the students do not nail it in one single shot. The PgMP experts and the students go through many iterations to get the application absolutely correct. This helps in avoiding any future roadblocks when the application goes through the Panel review and many students have appreciated us for the effort that we put into the application process of PgMP certification

The PgMP Training is a meticulous and diligent effort to compile the very best from all Program Management sources. One of the primary objectives of the PgMP Training is definitely to crack the PgMP Certification exam. 

However, the other objectives of the training also include helping you understand and apply the concepts in the real-life workplace. And that has been the hallmark of any ProThoughts training. 

And we do not stop there. The Post Training Support is a significant part of any ProThoughts training and definitely PgMP Training. 

The post training support is our way of responsive support. We not only have created the best of resources for the candidates to study, prepare and crack the PgMP exam but also involve experts at regular stages to help candidates to build confidence for the PgMP exam. For example, we have a monthly doubt clearing session (Open Session) with the candidates to have their doubts cleared. This also acts as a refresher session for some candidates and motivates them to complete their PgMP Certification. Further, our experts and support team are available for any help at any time and we do demonstrate quick responsiveness for our candidate’s queries. 

One of the resources provided by PMI is the PMI® Handbook. It has some basics tips which we have highlighted below. 

The PgMP Handbook provided by PMI is very useful and has explained the process very clearly. You can download the handbook from here:  PMI-PgMP Handbook!

Some of the Post Training pointers for your easy reference are given below: 

  • The participant should be working in a Program as per the definition of PMI. The Program definition of PMI is “Related projects, subsidiary programs, and program activities managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually.
  • Even a single program for the required duration of 6,000, if you have a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree, global equivalent, or higher degree), would suffice. Of course, it should have 2 or more projects in it.
  • List projects and programs individually – For your program management experience, you will be asked to include details on at least two projects that are associated with each program (e.g., two projects that share the common strategic goal and budget of the program)
  • The experience does not necessarily have to be paid work, but it does need to be in a professional setting. Activities such as school projects or planning personal events would not qualify.
  • Any professional experience that began more than 15 years before the application submission but ended less than 15 years before the application submission may qualify. However, the portion of that experience that exceeds 15 years is not considered qualified and will not count toward fulfilling the eligibility requirement.
  • The application also requires a primary contact for each project and each program listed. If you are self-employed or the most senior person in your organization, you may use a client or program sponsor to serve as the primary contact for the program(s). If you are a consultant, the primary contact for your program may include peers and direct reports who work for an external organization.
  • In the event that you hold the PMP, you will need to re-enter your project management professional experience on your PgMP application.
  • You will be asked to enter information about the multiple, related projects that serve as component projects of your program. You will not need to enter the time in months spent on these projects, but they will need to fall under the time duration of the corresponding program.
  • ProThoughts sends you a sample sheet on how to fill the application form with the projects, and tips & tricks.
  • ProThoughts shares approved application forms for the benefit of the participants which makes form filling quite simple.

Example of Project Management Experience:

Example of Program Management Experience: 

Tips for Completing the Experience Summaries: 

  • Your answers should be clear and concise and you should use proper English.
  • Consider using a word processing application to write/type out your responses and then copy and paste your experience summaries into your application.
  • Be sure to address all elements of the option you select for each experience summary.For example, if the Experience Summary Option requires you to describe how you identified and evaluated risks, be sure to give examples of how you identified and evaluated the risks. Use the first person and it’s about “You”
  • Responses that adequately address all elements of the experience summaries will likely be 200– 350 words.
  • Program background information provided in the work experience section of your application will be provided to panel reviewers. You do not have to repeat the program description in your responses.
  • Please respond in the first person. We are interested in examples of your personal and individual contributions to the program.Correct: I developed (or led the development of) the program governance model by…Incorrect: The program team/We developed the program governance model by…
  • Do not describe program management activities performed by others. Again, we are interested in YOUR role. Correct: I ensured the program maintained alignment with the organization’s objectives by… Incorrect: The program sponsor ensured the program maintained alignment with the organization’s objectives by…
  • Describe how you applied program management practices; avoid theoretical responses.
  • Do not respond with “textbook” definitions of program management terms. Instead, provide specific examples from your personal experience as a program manager.
  • Re-read your responses before submission to ensure that they are correct and complete.

With the Post Training Support and the resources provided, we ensure that you excel in your PgMP Certification journey. 

If you follow our exam plan and strategy, you will go pass through the application process with ease and further, crack the exam confidently. 

In short, succeed in your projects – We help you to do that!

Trust this helps the budding Program Managers. For further help, we are just a call away! For any assistance for the PgMP Certification exam or any queries feel free to call at +91-8422907604 or info@prothoughts.co.in.

All the best in your PgMP Certification Exams …..:)    

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