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What’s in store for 5th Edition PMBoK participants who need to appear on PMBoK 6th Edition Exam?


Mar 26th – The Deadline for 5th PMBoK exam.

The last day when you any PMBoK 5th edition trained participant can give exam on 5th edition. What’s next?

We have got a lot of calls – anxiety to curious can be the emotions to describe the situation of what’s in store for me. If I haven’t able to take the exam before 26th Mar 2018 on the 5th edition, does it mean that I need to re-invest my time and effort and money on the 6th edition? If I haven’t cleared the exam on 5th edition, do I need to take the exam on the 6th edition PMBoK? Do I need to undergo the training again? Please advise, help, suggest.

We are happy to help.

Some pointers to consider:

  • You do not have to undergo any training if you have taken it once. The 35 contact hours training for PMP exam is one-time training and is valid for a lifetime.
  • If you are unable to take the exam before 26th Mar 2018 on the 5th edition of PMBoK, you have to take it on the 6th edition of PMBoK post-Mar 2018. There is no alternative to this.
  • If you happen not to clear the exam on the 5th edition before 26th Mar 2018, you need to reattempt the exam on the 6th edition PMBoK.

Like we said we are happy to help – you do not have to reappear for 6th edition PMP workshop training. You already have the contact hours to appear for the exam and you should need an incremental knowledge and probably brush up on the knowledge.

6th edition has the Agile concept introduced which is the main highlight and of course, there are incidental and incremental changes as well. The PMBoK knowledge is also rearticulated and restructured in a better format for understanding and implementation. In others, the framework is made more practical to the earlier standards with the revisions.

ProThoughts, as part of the collaboration with Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions, have studied the exam pattern questions and how the PMBoK 6th edition exams can be rendered.

ProThoughts will be conducting free webinar sessions (summary and detailed) for its participants of 5th edition who wish to take the 6th edition in near future. Also, our PMP certified participants of 5th edition are most welcome to inculcate the new knowledge. This is one of our giving back gestures to our alumni who mean a lot to us. For new participants, there would be a nominal charge.

The webinar sessions dates and timings are updated on our website and you can Register Here!

ProThoughts have a record number of participants clearing the PMP exam on any single day and would be looking forward to more PMP certified experts from the 6th edition.

As always, happy to help in case of any clarifications/information. Pl drop a mail to info@prothoughts.co.in or call +91-8422907604.

All the best for your exam  – let’s crack the exam together !!!


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