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Who should consider Project Management as a career?



Are you looking for a career in Project Management?

If the answer is YES, please evaluate by asking the following question to yourself:

Why do you want to make a career in Project Management?

There can be a lot of answers…few mentioned below are:

  • I am already into it and it seems to be the best fit for my likings and career
  • I am into technical roles currently and looking for a change
  • That is the next step to grow in my career
  • Opportunities are more, that’s what I see myself in after few years etc.

Do not try to make yourself happy by convincing forcibly with such wrong answers.

The real answer and the only right answer that should drive you to get into Project Management should be,

I am sure about making a significant impact on the Project Management field based on my self-evaluation in terms of my capabilities, interests and/or motivation.

Career selection should be based on where you can make a significant impact and due to which you will stand out.

That will keep you committed and motivated to perform even better. If you are just another contributor in the crowd, you are bound to get demoralized after a while and again you will start looking for a change.

An effective Project Manager needs to be an effective Communicator, Negotiator, Listener, and Leader. You should have the skills to get the work done, keep the team intact/motivated and interpersonal skills.

You can also attend our webinar based on “Project Management as a Career” for better understanding and clarify your queries regarding the same.

If you need any career guidance or Project management related doubts you can feel free to email us at info@prothoughts.co.in or arvind_nahata@prothoughts.co.in

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