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My PMP Experience Journey!


Achieving a PMP certification has indeed been a very exciting “PROJECT” for me.  I am glad I was able to finish it on time successfully! Being a mother of a 4-year-old, I had “By Choice” kept my Career on the back bench giving priority to motherhood. However, now that she was 4, I decided that it was now the right time to catch up on my career.

Why PMP & how I came across ProThoughts:

In May 2017, with over 10 years of experience in Project/Order Management, to catch up on my career, the best thing I decided was getting myself certified. After researching the pros and cons of all the certifications that would suit me over the internet, I zeroed in on PMP. It is on the PMI site itself, that I was introduced to ProThoughts. My interaction with the ProThoughts team right from the very first call that I made has been a pleasant one with Mr. Siddhant Bitla guided me very well when I called him up in June, however, the training in June was too soon for me and I couldn’t attend it. I registered for the July batch.

My PMP Training experience with ProThoughts:

The training experience was ecstatic. Mr. Ashish Sadekar explained all the concepts so well with examples of almost everything which made grasping the concepts much easier. He has an overwhelming project management experience and knowledge and he tries his best to impart it to the class. The training no doubt changed my approach towards project management! He motivated us enough advising us to start studying immediately after the training.


The Self Study Journey

I did follow Ashish Sir’s advice and once the training was over, I began reading the Rita book every day but the time that I was dedicating to self-study, as well as my pace, weren’t enough. Office, traveling time, household chores and my toddler left me with very little time to study.

Then came August that brought with itself some festivals especially Ganesh Chaturthi and since we welcome Lord Ganesh home, my studies almost completely stopped one week before Ganesh Chaturthi for almost 15 days. It was somewhere in the back of my mind that I have to study but I just couldn’t make time which you can say is an “Excuse”! Then on 6th of September 2017, the morning I got a WhatsApp on our PMP WhatsApp group where Ravi who also attended the training with us cleared PMP! That was a kick start for me. I called up Ravi and our talk on the phone motivated me enough to start studying again.

With that zeal in me, I sat with my husband and first chalked out a study plan. Of course, his help was needed so that I can extract time for studies. By then, I had finished reading the Rita book only once. Our plan dedicated 2 weeks to complete the 2nd reading, followed by the 1st mock test; one week for the 3rd reading followed by the 2nd mock test; 4 days of revision and the 3rd mock test; and finally 2 days of revision again after which I planned to give the 4th mock test. The Final PMP exam date as per our plan was 10th of October 2017.

I gave my mock tests on 23rd September, 30th September, 3rd October and 6th October scoring 141, 151, 175 and 148 respectively. My husband and mother in law shouldered my responsibilities at home giving me enough time to study. I was enjoying the whole process of studying and achieving the PMP certification target was adrenaline pumping for me!

Mr. Ashish Sadekar enthusiastically cleared my doubts regarding some concepts. Mr. Siddhant Bitla guided me about the exam registration process. Luckily, got the 10th of October – 8.00 am slot too and here I was at the Pro-metric center at 7.00 am in the morning waiting to give my exam.

The PMP Exam – Experience:

I was nervous of course because I was going to give an exam after so many years but studies and mock tests had infused some confidence in me. In the whole studying process, I was in touch with Ravi and he ensured I stay motivated!

The first 10 questions in the exam made me really nervous and ate up almost half an hour of my time. But after that, I caught on speed and finished my 200th question just on time. I did not get any time to review my answers. I had an idea this would happen so I made it a point to mark the most appropriate answer according to me before moving on to the next question. There were only 3-4 numerical questions, else were all situational questions.

The questions were so generic that I was clueless till the end and to my surprise, I scored “Above Target” in Initiating, Planning, Executing and Monitoring and Controlling and “Meets Target” in Closing.

Finally, amidst all the juggling between work, home, motherhood, traveling and studies; the target of becoming a PMP certified professional was achieved!

Super Thanks to ProThoughts, especially Mr. Ashish Sadekar for imparting excellent training! Special thanks to my 2 pillars –  My mother in law and dear hubby Rohan for their strong support without which this wasn’t possible!

To All PMP Aspirants:

  • Make sure all your concepts are clear. If concepts are clear, the questions won’t confuse you.
  • You have to make time for studies. Plan and execute as per plan!
  • I only referred the Rita book. It is enough to clear the exam.
  • Do not confuse yourself with any other online tutorials or any other books.
  • Try linking the concepts and using them in your day to day life… helps to grasp them better and makes you more efficient as well. Personal Experience!
  • Most important – Enjoy the whole process of studying! I felt I was back in college again!

All the best!

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