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PMP – A Step-by-Step Towards Project Management Excellence!


The PMP certificate is the most important thing for practice project management. Through the PMP credential, you equip yourself with the required knowledge and recognition to ensure even the most complicated projects become a success. In our quest to help you understand PMP better, let us guide you through a detailed process of project management that culminates in success. The PMP certification teaches you these crucial tools with which you can handle any type of work environment, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. Therefore, let us go through this transitional process hand in hand here and have never-ending possibilities in the domain of project management

What is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. A renowned professional certification worldwide is offered by PMI, a non-profit organization with a mission of advancing the level of the project management profession. The skills of leading and managing projects show clearly their competence. Consequently, PMP certification aspirants need to accomplish the educational and working background requirements and also come out with success on the PMP exam.

Similarly, PMP will help project managers reach their career goals by providing an overview of the career development paths a project manager can follow. Furthermore, it presents an approach to managing projects, studying project management principles and tools that are necessary for successful project realization. Even when the PMP certification is required for project management to get competitive in their field, it is still a tool for career advancement.

Significance of PMP Certification in the Project Management Industry

PMP certification holds significant importance in the project management industry for several reasons such as:

  • International Recognition – PMP certification is internationally recognized and well respected, which is extremely desirable for a project manager searching for job offers either domestically or internationally. 
  • Standardization – It sets a standard for project management knowledge and practices, and certified professionals are supposed to comply with a common set of principles and methodologies. It enhances the consistency and quality of the PMP process across different industries and organizations through standardization.
  • Competitive Mastery – In a competitive job market, PMP certification can give a candidate an edge over non-certified professionals. It signifies their investment in lifelong learning and confirms their competence in project administration, which makes them more lucrative in hiring sectors.
  • Increased Credibility – The PMP Certification helps improve your credibility as a project manager. Such certification equips the individual with the required competencies for project management and gives others like employers, clients, and stakeholders confidence in their ability to deliver results.
  • Networking Opportunities – It allows you to tap into a worldwide PM community as a PMI member and local chapter. Additionally, networking with other peers, involvement in various events, and attendance of continuing training chances add to a professional’s career and self-development.
  • Career Development – PMP certification widens the door of career advancement upon which one may make progress to higher-level positions, larger responsibilities, and better salaries. Therefore, most organizations, considering the demonstrated professionalism of PMP-certified personnel, hire them for leadership roles in project management.

Also, this certification has a wide influence on the project management business because PMP is associated with several PMP benefits. Therefore, certified employees will easily be able to utilize PMP certification towards their career advancement, develop a wider professional network, and thereby experience greater success in the field of project management.

PMP Certification Requirements

To obtain a PMP credential, the candidates must pass preset prerequisite requirements established by PMI. The inquiry has to do with educational attainment, professional background, and project management training.

1) Eligibility Criteria

A. Educational Background

  • PMP eligibility requires college education to be the second level degree at the minimum (for example, A high school diploma or an Associate’s degree);
  • On the contrary, candidates may attend a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) to fulfill this requirement. You must obtain this educational program from a recognized institution.

B. Professional Experience

  • PMI expects applicants to have gained relevant project management work experience.
  • The PMI requires a minimum of 5 years (or 60 months) of non-overlapping, verifiable professional experience if a candidate has a higher education degree.
  • For candidates who have a bachelor’s degree, the requirement is reduced by one year to a minimum of 3 years (or 36 months) of consecutive project management experience outside of any concurrent education or internship requirements.

C. Project Management Education

  • In addition to professional experience, PMI requires candidates to have completed project management education.
  • Individuals holding a university degree must acquire a minimum of 35 working hours of education/training in project management.
  • The divided time does not pose a challenge for the candidates with a four-year degree either.

Do you still wonder if the PMP Certification is right for you? Check our PMP Eligibility Calculator to see if you qualify

How to obtain PMP Certification?

Follow these steps to add PMP certification to your profile successfully:

1) Fill up the PMP application form first, which can be downloaded from the PMI official website. It is available both online and downloadable in PDF version to print and fill.

2) PMI will walk you through the certification handbook of PMI and let you know which certification will be suitable for you, based on the qualifications that you have.

3) PMI will take about 5-10 days to check and process the application you submitted.

4) Afterward, we will ask you to make the payment.

5) Once we confirm your payment, we will send you an invoice for the fee.

6) Finally, your application will be qualified for the PMP audit process.

7) PMI selects applications through the auditing process at random. When we select your application for an audit, you will receive an email notification.

8) You will have to submit these documents with your application:

  • The copies of your educational qualification whether it is a secondary or bachelor’s degree.
  • Proof of 35 Contact hours i.e. Project Management Training
  • Signed copies of the project manager or supervisor as evidence of work experience.

9) Post the audit of your application, PMI will send you an email containing your PMI ID and exam schedule details.

10) Once you have taken those steps, you will have the entire year to do your PMP preparation for the exam.

Importance of PMP Exam Preparation

1. Comprehensive Understanding

The PMP exam stretches the boundaries to a large number of topics and it demands an in-depth knowledge of project management principles and concepts. Besides, good PMP exam preparation allows candidates to develop a profound understanding of the PMBOK guide and a guideline for the application of the presented concepts in the real world.

2. Familiarity with Exam Format

By familiarizing themselves with the specific nuances and sequence of the test, test takers can avoid time-management problems during the test. Similarly, by taking up sample questions and mock exams practice we recreate the exam condition in actual and this helps candidates manifest their confidence levels.

3. Identification of Knowledge Gaps

During the preparation process including self-assessment and sample exams, candidates will easily notice if there are some knowledge gaps. Thus in this way, they can understand the areas of weakness and work on those which can be improved through a study of specific topics and domains.

4. Increased Success Rate

Prior extensive prep work increases the risk of success in passing the PMP test for an initial try significantly. Other than this, the candidates who apply themselves to preparation will be well-armed to tackle the intricate scenarios and the brain-raging questions in the examination.

5. Professional Development

PMP Exam preparation is about much more than just passing the test. It is about increasing one’s project management skills and creating self-awareness of the subject. First, in addition to preparation, professional development is also a key element for candidates for success in their project management careers.

Therefore, the Project Management Professional certification examination is a wide-ranging proof of a candidate’s achievements and mastery as a project manager. Comprehensive preparation of the candidates is necessary to pass the examination well since that enables them to understand the structure of the exam, highlight the parts that need improvement, and acquire the vital skills needed by those in project management roles. Thus, with good planning and study, candidates maximize their chances of passing the exam and getting the internationally respected PMP certification.

What is the cost of PMP Certification?

The comprehensive PMP certification cost is comprised of the exam fee, study materials as well as the exam fee. PMI members as well as non-members could be involved in the test that relates to the project management professional certification being held by the Project Management Institute.

PMI-MembersNon-PMI Members
PMP Examination Fees₹23,288₹47,150
PMP Re-examination Fees₹15,929₹28,961
PMP Certification Renewal₹3,475₹11,585

Your certification will be valid for three years following PMP certification. You can renew your certificate.

Renewing your PMP Certificate

Renew or maintain the validity of your PMP certification by accumulating at least 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) within three years. You spent PDU hours managing projects authorized during that period. Consequently, to renew your PMP certificate you have to pay ₹3,475 should you be a PMI member and ₹11,585 if you are not a PMI member.

What is PDU in the Certification Renewal Process?

A Professional Development Unit or PDU is what helps in the renewal of your PMP certificate. You must revalidate your PMP credentials after three years from the date you first obtained them.

In addition to that, by earning 60 PDUs within 3 years you will have a guarantee of a continued PMP Certification. The main goal is to keep the active status of the certification through the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. Thus, regular PMP renewal helps you keep on top of all the new updates and gives you enough ammunition to progress in your field.

PMP Exam Structure 

PMI revised the content of the PMP certification test on 2021.01.02 following this distinction to maintain a high standard and meet the current challenges that project managers are facing in the industry. The former system had 230 questions compared to the current composition containing just 180 questions. Also, the PMP evaluation questions are a mixture of multiple choice, prompt responses, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions. Over the three hours and 50 minutes that you have been allotted to take the PMP exam, there will be two 10-minute breaks. Moreover, the choice of the language of the test is huge, it is available in 13 languages worldwide.

Current weightage of different PMP domains in the PMP exam:

1) People – Weighted at 42 percent in the exam

Preparing for this section will help to gain the skills required to build and manage a team from the start till the delivery of the projects. Almost half of the questions in the PMP exam are based on team-building exercises, leadership skills, risk management, and training your team among other related topics. 

2) Process – Weighted to 50 percent in the Exam

The process section in the PMP exam focuses on testing your skills in managing your project throughout the process including budget management, maintaining timelines, and the implementation of various project management methodologies based on the scope of the project. 

3) Business Environment – Weighted at 8 percent in the exam

This section tests your competence to deliver a value-based project that brings value to the organization and its clients. It tests your skills in managing projects while maintaining organizational values. Also, it tests your ability to apply various project management approaches to projects.


The journey towards PMP certification is a pivotal step for anyone aspiring for project management excellence. Through the comprehensive PMP framework, professionals gain invaluable skills, knowledge, and techniques necessary to effectively lead projects of varying complexities and sizes. PMP equips individuals with the tools needed to navigate the intricacies of project management with confidence and proficiency. Therefore, ready to take your project management career to new heights and unlock a world of opportunities, enroll today in PMP certification and set yourself on the path towards achieving project management excellence!

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